Amtrol reverse osmosis system

by lisa
(New york)

I just love my Amtrol reverse osmosis system. It cleans all my water and removes all contaminants.

At first I wasn't sure which reverse osmosis system to get but after I read reviews and information on Amtrol products, I had to get one.

Amtrol has over 40 years of experience with reverse osmosis systems. They are best known for their reverse osmosis tanks.

A paid $270 for my Amtrol reverse osmosis system 34 gallon tank. There are 5 people in my household so I bought the 34 gallon tank over the 20 gallon tank.

Amtrol reverse osmosis tanks are durable and trustworthy. Since I bought my system in 2009, I have never had a problem. The Amtrol water tank always keeps my water fresh and clean even when not in use.

Before I bought it I checked for certifications. It meets NSF certification criteria. I'm still not worried because I have a 5 year warranty on the system.

Amtrol may not be as popular as other brands (such as Culligan) but to me it is definitely one of the best around.

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