Antique water pitchers

by Claudette

I am looking for antique water pitchers that can filter my water. I bought three of those new water pitchers from PUR, Culligan and Brita and they just don’t feel like my antique water pitcher.

I was wondering if there is anyway for me to install some type of filtration system into my antique water pitcher.

Pouring bottled water into the pitcher is a bit time consuming. What I do in the meantime is to install a countertop water filter and I just fill my pitcher two to three times a day.

The next best thing is to place water purifier tablets into my antique water pitcher. The truth is the newer types of water pitchers work but I am in love with my antique water pitcher.

I guess it’s because I got it as a gift over 40 years ago and it means so much to me.

So I will just continue using my antique pitcher until I find some type of way to purify my water from my “old” pitcher.

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