Aqua Rain 404 Problems

by Frank

I purchased the Aqua Rain model 404 stainless steel counter-top water filter a few years ago.

We used it daily since it was purchased. About a month ago I noticed that the lower tank had split starting at the top rim and going straight down the side of the tank.

It is clearly a stress crack that caused the metal fatigue and the failure of the metal.

I would have welded it but the material is too thin. After several attempts to get Aqua Rain to reply they finally suggested I buy a new one to replace it? What the hell???

I spent over $300 for what I thought would be the last counter-top filter I'd ever have to buy! They do not stand behind their product.

I will be buying a new counter-top model to replace this one. It will be one of the Berkey models.

I suggest and recommend that anyone looking at the Aqua Rain look some where else. $330 is too much money to spend on junk that doesn't last and has no warranty.

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