Berkey Water Filter
Don't Leave Home Without One

A Berkey water filter will purify your water regardless of the source.

Berkey water filters are not only good at filtering tap water or well water but water from other sources such as lakes, rivers and streams.

Berkey filters are more popular for outdoor filtration than indoor filtration.

Regardless of the type of Berkey filter you decide to buy, you are guaranteed one of the best multi-purpose water filter brands on the market.

Common Features Of Berkey Water Filters

  • Only a few water filter companies offer water filters for both indoors and outdoors. Berkey offers water filters for both occasions for individuals and large groups. With a berkey filter, you elimnate the need to buy one water filter for indoors and another one for outdoors. Berkey filters offer a two in one filter.
  • You may never need to clean the filter cartridge or even change it. Some of the filter systems have a lifespan of 10 years. That is because of the low storage capacity and the high filter ability (up to 3000 gallons).
  • An additional free product? When you buy a Berkey filter from their official website, you earn the chance to get a free product such as a replacement filter cartridge or a shower filter.
  • Not only are Berkey water filters perfect for treated water, they are just as effective for untreated water. No need to buy an additional filter or spend a lot of money to treat untreated water. Berkey filters will get the job done.
  • There is a “free from defects in materials and workmanship” warranty for a period of 6 months from date of purchase. Furthermore, Big Berkey purification elements have a two-year prorated warranty calculated in six months intervals.
  • So how effective are Berkey Water filters? They remove pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely and extract harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. In addition they reduce nitrates, nitrites and unhealthy minerals such as lead and mercury.

    So a Berkey filter will make your water cleaner and healthier, while leaving the good minerals in your water. In other words, Berkey filters remove the bad minerals and leave the good minerals.

    Removing bad minerals is always good when you are travelling.

Berkey Replacement Water Filters

Berkey replacement filters are unique. Unique in the sense that there are filters for specific water problems.

There is the regular Berkey replacement filter which is NSF/ ANSI certified to remove chlorine among other contaminants.

Then there is the ceramic filter that acts as a sub micron filter to remove bacteria and other elements that may have gotten pass the regular filter.

Finally, there are arsenic and fluoride filters that remove arsenic and fluoride in your water.

There is a common believe that fluoride is good for us. It is good, but too much is bad and can cause tooth decay.

So now you have a glance of the types of filter cartridges, let's look at the several types of Berkey filters on the market.

Berkey Water Filter Reviews

There are seven (7) main types of Berkey Filters to choose from. Let's take a quick look at some of them.

Big Berkey Filters

Even though it’s not as big as its name suggest, the Big Berkey is one of the biggest sellers for the Berkey family.

Ideally for 3 or 4 persons, the Big Berkey has the filtering capacity of 3.5 gallons per hour and an even larger storage capacity ….read more

Royal Berkey

This filter will purify your water at a rate of 4 gallons per hour. You and your family will love this filter at home or for any outdoor activities.

Invite over your friends and family for fun and reunion without worrying about how they will react to your water taste.

And it’s not just drinking water. You will even taste the difference in your drinks.

The Royal berkey filters at an impressive rate of 4 gallons per more

Travel Berkey

This filter will cost you $220 and has the same capacity of the Go Berkey Water filter.

Even though this is the smallest system in the Berkey line-up, it is just as effective at removing contaminants as the other models.

Perfect for people on the go, the Travel Berkey has a storage capacity of 1.5 gallons (5.7 litters). This is enough water for a small group of people.

Furthermore, it filters 2.5 gallons per hour and removes fluoride... read more

Go Berkey water Filters

This Berkey filter is perfect for activities such as camping, hiking or backpacking. It is also for students and business travellers on the go.

With a storage capacity of 1 quart, Go Berkey has the ability to purify 1 gallon per hour. In fact, this filter can filter up to 3000 gallons.

Berkey Light

There are actually two models of the Berkey light. There is the Berkeylight with LED and the Berkey Light without LED.

They both range in price from $189 to $219. This price may seem like a lot but with a filter suitable for up to five persons and the ability to store almost 3 gallons of filtered water, it is worth the price.

Imperial Berkey

Perfect for small church groups or gatherings at home. Orphanages and hospitals use it as well because its 4.5 storage capacity is suitable for up to eight (8) persons.

If you are going on longer trips, the storage capacity can be extended so that you will have sufficient water.

Crown Berkey

This is the ultimate Berkey water filter for large groups. It’s a good gift for a school, when travelling to a convention or a large meeting.

The Crown Berkley can filter your water at 6.5 gallons per hour. With the ability to store over 20 gallons of water, you will no doubt have water for days.

Choosing A Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filter

Choosing a Berkey water Filter is not easy because of the variety of Berkey water filters on the market.

Berkey offers over seven (7) types of water filters for indoors and outdoors. They can all be used for travelling purposes or at home. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best Berkey water Filter.

  • How many persons will be using the water filter? This is very important because Berkey has water filters for 1-2 persons, 2-4 persons, 4-6 persons, 6-8 persons and larger groups.
  • What is the purpose of buying the water filter? Outdoors, indoors or emergencies? The purpose of buying the filter is very important because the Travel Berkey will be more suitable for the everyday traveller than a Berkey filter for an indoor purpose.
  • Price. Price is always important. What is your budget? Remember that you will need to set aside money for replacement cartridges when the need arises. Regardless of the price, Berkey offers value for money so what you spend is what you will get.

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