Brita Slim Pitcher

by cory
(New york)

White Brita Pitcher

White Brita Pitcher

I must admit that the price of the Brita Slim Pitcher is the first thing that caught my eyes.

It was only $9.99. My first thought was that it was an error. So I asked a sales representative who confirmed that $9.99 was the correct price.

I was a bit sceptical at first but I decided to give it a try being that it was less than $10. If the Brita slim pitcher was no good, I would not lose a lot of money that I could have lost if I bout a more expensive filter for $30 or more.

Let me be a witness to you that price is no indicator of performance. I am so glad I bought the Brita Slim pitcher.

With this Brita pitcher, I get a little over 40 gallons a month before I need to change my filter cartridge. I use to buy bottle twice every week, so you can imagine how much money and stress I save.

The slim pitcher is lightweight. You can carry it anywhere with you. In fact, your entire family can use it even your children. The slim pitcher is nothing like those big five gallon bottles that I am accustomed to.

I use to pay so much for bottled water I can’t believe how much money I am saving per month. All I have to do is buy the replacement cartridges in packs of four. Now I only buy cartridges three times a year.

When you use the Brita Slim Pitcher you will taste the difference with your tap water and your bottled water.

Your drinks will start to taste better instantly. The Brita Slim Pitcher is a great water purifier for students, campers and single persons.

Students will enjoy this system because they will save a lot of money that they could use for books, lunch or extra classes.

No more chlorine taste and odor. All that will be gone with this small sized Brita Slim Pitcher. I hated the smell of the chlorine just before I drink the water.

Even though it may seem easy to operate, please ensure that you follow the instructions to installing the Brita Slim Pitcher.

The design and structure of the pitcher is simply but you really don't want to break any of the parts on the system. One broken part means returning the entire system.

For only $9.99, I highly recommend this product.

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Apr 06, 2011
Water taste much better
by: Pamella

Brita slim pitcher has made it possible for my water to taste better and smell better. I hated the chlorine taste and smell in my water.

Not anymore with Brita's slim pitcher. And to think that i only paid $12 online for this filter.

Apr 06, 2011
Brita Slim Pitcher at my office
by: jono

I just can't do without my Brita Slim Pitcher at my office. Every day i use it and all my co-workers love it too.

I see why they call it Brita slim pitcher. It is small and neat

There are persons who complain about spillage from the top but i don?t seem to have that problem. If you do, just place a finger or top on top of the Brita slim pitcher and pour.

Mar 23, 2011
Love This Brita Water Pitcher
by: karl

After reading this review i decided to get the Brita Pitcher and i am so glad i got it.

It cost my $9 and is way cheaper than buying bottled water. This is my dream water filter. I cant believe it is so affordable. I estimate that i will need to change my Brita filter cartridge every 4 to six weeks but it still works out cheaper.

I would recommend this water pitcher to everyone.

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