Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Cartridge

by Laura

If you have a Brita Water Pitcher, always keep a Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Cartridge at hand. You can buy one for $9, three for $26 and 10 for $47.

I always keep at least three of these at hand. It works out much cheaper and i don’t have to buy a new one online every month or so.

It is best to shop around for the Brita Water Pitcher Replacement Cartridge. You will pay at least $3 more if you buy it in stores rather than online. Amazon is the best online site to buy one.

Even though i have to change my filter cartridge every month, it still works out cheaper than buying bottled water and now my water taste much better than most bottle water that i have tried. The water where i live is very bad and this Brita water pitcher has really helped me.

Don’t worry about installation. Installation is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just twist and remove the old filter then insert the new filter and twist and you’re done.

PS. Look online first before you decide to buy one in a store.

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