Clearwave Electronic Water Softener

by Tyler

The Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System is one of the most advanced anti-scale systems on the market.

Designed with a special computer chip, the Clearwave Electronic Water Softener system increases the electromotive pulses so that the mineral salts remain dissolved in the water rather than changing to calcium and sticking to pipes in the form of scale.

If you already have scale don't worry, the Clearwave Electronic Water Softener will remove all scale in any appliance you have such as washing machine, dishwasher or coffee makers.

Don’t even worry about having difficultly installing the Clearwave water softener. Installation is simple and takes less than 15minutes. Just follow the instructions and you will be ok. Wrap the wire around the pipe that comes into your house and plug it into the electrical outlet.

After installation, you will realize that you need less detergent or soap to wash your clothes and your skin will feel smooth and healthy.

No salt or chemical to add. The water softener isn’t even noisy. Best of all it operates on very little electricity. You can find this water softener for less than $150 online.

The Clearwave Electronic Water Softener is for anyone wanting to get rid of hard water, even extremely hard water.

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Mar 23, 2011
Where can i get it to buy?
by: Anonymous

For less than $150 i think i will try the Clearwave Electronic water softener.

Looking forward to buying this unit because it is small and affordable.

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