Culligan Rv 600 Water Filter System

by diven Jeremy

If you own a RV like myself then you may want to look at Culligan RV 600 water filter system.

The choice was not easy because there are so many water filters on the market but the final decision came down to compatibility, price and the number of contaminants that the system can remove.

First off, installation is quite easy. It is best to use a tool to assist you and make the process faster.

I guarantee that once you follow the instructions in the manual you will be ok.

The biggest asset of the Culligan RV 600 is that your water will taste ten times better regardless of your source of water.

The culligan RV 600 water filter system level one removes impurities that make your water taste bad. No one likes bad tasting water at all especially when you are on the road.

Level one also removes water with bad odour.

I personally think that water with a bad odour is worst than bad tasting water because the smell of the water hits you before you even taste it. That was always a major turn off for me.

The main reason why I am glad that these problems have been eliminated is for the sake of my children. I think that the money I spent on the Culligan RV system is more than worth one of my kids getting sick.

On my RV I use my water for multiple purposes. I use the water to not only drink but also to cook, wash and clean.

I only paid $18 for the filter on Amazon. A word of advice, don't buy it from a Culligan dealer. It will cost you three to four times more.

It is much more expensive from a Culligan dealer. I was a bit surprised about the low price but I am so glad I gave it a try.

On Amazon you will get good deals especially when you buy the replacement cartridges in packs. That extra $5 or $10 that you save can go a long way when you are on the road.

Overall, my water now taste and smell much better. Did I mention that it also removes sediments including rust, sand and dirt?

No more heavy bottled water when I am on the road travelling with my family. Go ahead and try the Culligan 600 for your RV.

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Sep 09, 2011
great tasting water from culligan rv 600
by: Cameika

The Culligan RV 600 is perfect for my RV.

I always had a problem with sediments, rust, bad tasting water and bad odour but the Culligan RV 600 has eliminated all these problems.

In fact, i had a problem with iron and staining and since i have installed this filter that problem no longer exist.

I'm also excited that my water pressure is the same. i was a bit worried that my water pressure would eventually drop because i have read before where quite a few persons experienced a fall in water pressure soon after installing the filter.

Installation is fairly easy and remember that you will need an extension hose.

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