GE MWF Smart Water Refrigerator Filter

by kavitha

My GE MWF Smart Water Refrigerator Filter installed in less than five (5) minutes.

I unscrewed the one that was in my GE refrigerator and screwed in the second one. When i was finished,i realized that an instruction manual came with the filter (remember to flush the new filter with 2 to 3 glasses of water).

I bought my GE MWF Smart Water Refrigerator Filter for $55 but they are now available for less than $35.

What i love about this type of filter is that it is compatible with many other brand refrigerators beside GE.

It will cost you a lot more if you buy it from GE's website. You will pay twice as much. Buy it at

Since I bought the GE MWF filter, my water tastes great (no chlorine taste like before) and the flow rate is decent. It’s not fast but it’s definitely not slow.

Now my ice and water taste great. I taste the difference with the ice when i make any beverage.

If you are not sure if the GE MWF Smart Water Refrigerator Filter is compatible with your refrigerator, just do a search in Google or Amazon.

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Mar 16, 2011
Best GE Fridge Filter Ever
by: Theodore

I love my GE MWF filter. At first I was skeptical about buying it online because I read reviews where some persons actually got the wrong GE filter model. I was excited when I saw that it was the GE MWF.

Installation was so easy that I was done in less than 3 minutes. Its like removing then installing a lightbulb.

I tasted the difference with my water quality from the first glass of water. Thank God is removed the chlorine taste from my water.

My first GE fridge filter lasted over 6 months. This time I bought 2 filters to avoid having to buy a next one at a later date. It did help that it also worked out cheaper buying the two.

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