Kinetico 2020C

by catherine

The Kinetico 2020c is small and can easily fit anywhere in your home especially in your kitchen. It is about the same size as a computer CPU.

I'm so glad I got this Kinetico water softener because I love the soft water that it produces. My water flow rates is much better. I guess the scale in pipes disappeared.

Maintenance is simple. The only work that you will be doing is adding salt to the Kinetico water softener 2020c every now and then.

By the way, inserting the salt is easy because all you have to do is pull down the lid and insert the salt. You have the option of choosing between block salt or tablet salt. It really depends on your preference or price.

Overall, the water feels so much better when I am taking a bath or washing my hair.

Furthermore, my clothes look and feel ten times better. In fact, my clothes look and feels like the first time I bought them. Moreover, I use way less soap to wash the same loads of clothes.

The Kinetico 2020c will use a little less than 20 liters of water per cycle and this particular water softener regenerated in less than 12 minutes.

When you buy the Kinetico water softener 2020c, remember that you will save money on your electricity because Kinetico water softener systems use the energy of moving water to power their water softeners.

This metered water softener saves a lot of water because it only regenerates when its necessary.

The 2020c Kinetico water softener also features a twin tank design that allows the water softener to continuously supply you with soft water even when it is back washing.

I have had my Kinetico 2020c softener for over 5 years with not one single maintenance problem. One reason for this is that the 2020c uses soft water to clean and rinse itself. This results in a longer lifespan for the water softener.

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May 06, 2011
Kinetico 2020c is small
by: Perry

The Kinetico 2020c water softener is small and powerful. It fits right into my kitchen cupboard without any problems.

The Kinetico 2020c water softener system is easy to maintain and operate. All i have to do is add salt and I?m done.

Best of all it doesn?t use any electricity.

Water softener systems just can?t get better than this.

P.S. I paid less than $1000 for my 2020c unit.

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