Kinetico Water Softener Price

by Sanja

Where can I find a better Kinetico water softener price? The only source of Kinetico water softener prices is by getting a quote through Kinetico's official website.

I got a quote but the price seems to be a bit expensive. Why can't I get the price from a third party source.

I checked amazon, ebay, yahoo shopping and others and still no price.

I think Kinetico is trying to control the prices of their water softeners because sometimes third party sources will under value products.or maybe they want to try using their sales pitch when you ask for the cost of a Kinetico water softener.

Even though the prices of Kinetico water softeners may seem expensive, they are worth the price. Remember Kinetico water softeners don't use electricity ;instead, they use the motion of moving water to operate. What's even more impressive is that they really do soften your water.

So you really can't use Kinetico water softener prices to judge their softener systems but it would be better if more sources sold the systems or offered better Kinetico softener prices.

If anyone knows where I can find better prices for Kinetico water softener 2020C, please reply.

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May 06, 2011
Kinetico dealers have the prices
by: Luz Riveria

The only way to get Kinetico water softener price is through one of their dealers. They do this because they want to sit and talk with you and convince you that their water softeners are the best (one of the best).

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