New Wave Enviro Premium 10 Stage Water Filter

by karnet
(South Africa)

The New Wave Enviro Premium 10 Stage Water Filter System uses a 10 stage filtration process.

This filter system is far better than the Brita water filters that I use to own. The water is clear and tastes great and the filter cartridges last well over a year. That is a longtime compared to other water filters on the market that lasts less than 6 months.

Installation of New Wave Enviro Premium 10 Stage Water Filter is very easy. It took me less than 20 minutes to install. Thank God I didn’t have to call in a plumber because that would have cost me a lot.

I was a bit skeptical at first when I did not see a NSF Certified" sticker on the product. I called customer service and within minutes they sent an email of all the products that they remove by tests done by Trusdale Labs.

When I compared it to NSF certifications, it appears that it has exceeded NSF certifications for removal of chlorine, lead and THM's.

The original price is about $140 but you should try amazon because they have them for less than $80(save BIG!!!).

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