Poor Pur water filter quality

by Joyce
(Lincoln Park, Michigan USA)

I have been buying Pur water filters for many, many years. In just the last five years I have purchased four because of the following problems I have personally experienced:

1. Plastic ring cracked on the connector to the faucet - water leaked.

2. Plastic cracked on the seam between the domed top and the body of the filter holder - water sprayed over the wall.

3. Plastic cracked at seam where filter unit tilts - water sprayed over the room.

4. Filter falls off faucet. Noticed metal insert is no longer part of the filter so connection is between metal faucet and plastic filter. Filter pops off faucet spraying water everywhere.

I now have four filters that I probably will not be able to use since I am not interested in replacing another Pur unit. At one time, Pur made an expensive quality product. Now it is just expensive.

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