Sears Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Sears reverse osmosis water systems are one to look at when looking for reverse osmosis drinking water filters.

These filters will provide a complete filtration and remove over 99.9% of contaminants from your water.

Sears offers two (2) types of reverse osmosis systems that are reasonable priced. They will cost you from $200 to $350 not including the replacement filters.

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Sears reverse osmosis systems .

Advantages Of Sears Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Systems

  • Reduces chlorine, bad taste, odor, lead, pesticides, nitrates, cysts, sodium and arsenic.

    A Sears reverse osmosis system also removes ammonia from water. A high level of ammonia in your water can kill fish in your aquarium and also affect plant life.

  • Changing your filter is made easy by a simple twist and pull filter design. No tools required to replace the cartridge.

    To install the filter you first have to remove the old filter by turning anti-clockwise then slightly pull out the filter. To install, push in the filter then twist it clockwise.

  • Three (3) filter mediums: pre filter, filter membrane and post filter. Sears reverse osmosis water filter comes with two standard filters that should be changed every 3 months and the reverse osmosis filter that lasts 1 to 2 years depending on how much water you use.
  • Electronic filter changing notification that let's you know the lifespan of your filter cartridge. Whenever you push the knob on your faucet, the filter will show green, yellow or red. Green means the filter is ok and has a lot of life left. Yellow means that you will soon need to change the filter and red means that the filter is not good and should be changed immediately.
  • Sears Reverse Osmosis Water Systems are NSF certified for the removal of chlorine among other contaminants . NSF is the ultimate certification and this proves that Sears is not just making a claim about filtration because their reverse osmosis systems have been tested and approved.

Disadvantages Of A Sears Reverse Osmosis Filter

  • Without the assistance of a professional, cutting a hole into your counter top to install the faucet can be difficult, especially if your counter top is made of a hard substance like granite.
  • To produce one (1) gallon of pure filtered water you will need to use three (3) to five (5) gallons of water . This is too much water wasted to produce a gallon of water.
  • Sears states that the capacity of their storage tank is four (4) gallons but it actually seems like 2.5 gallons.


Sears reverse osmosis water systems are some of the most affordable reverse osmosis water filter systems on the market.

They remove a lot of harmful contaminants and provide complete filtration process with the addition of a pre and a post filter.

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