Water Softeners Canada

by Monica
(Quebec, canada)

Water softeners are needed in Canada where I live because my water is very hard.

This is not an assumption.I know this because I had a water analysis test done and it revealed that my water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium.

After I got the water analysis test done I decided that I would buy a water softener. I ordered the water softener online from Culligan and had it installed at my house.

I chose the Culligan gold series based on online reviews and the recommendation from Culligan (the Culligan team will assist you with the best water softener for you).

They thought the gold series was best for me based on the size of my house.

Another factor was the removal of sediments. The gold series is actually very good at removing rust, dirt and other sediments that I frequently saw in my water.

The system cost me quite a bit but since there is no cartridge to change I figured that the price would be worth it in the long run.

Since the installation of the water softener, I can literally feel and see the difference in my water.

I know you may be wondering how is it that I can see the difference in the water but remember that my water had a lot of sediments.

Now my skin feels smoother and my hair looks 10 times healthier. I no longer have to go to the hairdresser every other week now it’s once a month, so I have more time to relax and more money in my pocket.

I have also saved money with detergent. My water is no longer as hard as it was before so I use less detergent to wash the same load of clothes.

The biggest sign that hard water no longer exist is that scale build up has stopped. I hated the white scale that formed around my pipe.

I even hated the thought that scale build up was inside my pipe because I read where scale will actually negatively affect the performance of my appliances such as my refrigerator, my washing machine and my water heater.

I'm not sure if it’s everywhere in Canada but it’s where I live in Quebec.

All my friends experience the effects of hard water and 5 of them have already bought a Culligan water softener based on what I have experienced and what they have seen at my house.

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Apr 02, 2011
Water Boss Water softener in canada
by: Gerad

I too live in Canada and experience hard water on a consistent basis. Just last year i bought a Water Boss water softener and trust me when i tell you that i see the difference.

My water flow has improved by 100%. My showers feel much better and my skin feels healthier.

I recommended that if you live certain parts of Canada that you get a water analysis test done and then decide which water softener system to buy.

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