Watts Water Filter problem

Watts Water Filter problem

I will never buy another Watts water filter again in life!

I purchased the WP5-50 and went through three months of hell before throwing it in the trash!

First, the hissing noise had to be solved by Watts sending me a bypass for the system.

Thirty days later, the system quit. I paid someone to test my water pressure. I had Watts to send me a replacement shut off valve.

Finally, I paid $18 to have it shipped back to Watts to be repaired and was told that I needed to replace all of the filters and the membraine because something in my water or the water pressure had clogged up the filters (it had only been in use 60 days).

I am now waiting for the system to be mailed back to me so that I can put it in the trash. I will never buy a Watts product again in my life. $235 down the drain! (no pun intended)

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