Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems
Perfect For Any Source Of Water

Whole house reverse osmosis systems are perfect for any type of water source at your home or business.

Whether you use municipal water, well water, rain water or private water, a reverse osmosis water filter whole house will remove over 99% of contaminants from your water.

These contaminants include chlorine, lead, mercury, THM's, bacteria, viruses and many more.

A whole house reverse osmosis water filter will provide clean and filtered water to your entire home at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

With a good whole house reverse osmsosis system, you can be assured of a continuous supply of the purest water to every faucet and dispenser in your home.

How Does A Reverse Osmosis Whole House Water Filter Work?

Whole house reverse osmosis systems consist of a pre filter, R.O. Membrane, and one or two storage tanks.

The R.O. filter system is connected to the main water line. Before the water reaches the main water line, it passes through the reverse osmosis filter.

Inside the reverse osmosis water filter whole house system, the water is pushed through a membrane with very tiny pores. Only clean and pure water passes through the pores.

Contaminants are diverted away and flushed as waste water.

The filtered water is stored in a storage tank and is ready for use as soon as you turn on any faucet or dispenser.

This method is slow but very effective. Over 99% of contaminants are removed and this includes viruses, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, lead and THMs.

With a R.O. Water filter system, your entire home will experience "bottled water" quality at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Advantages Of Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Clean filtered water everywhere in your home. There is no need to buy a shower filter separate from a faucet filter. With a reverse osmosis whole house filter, even your refrigerator water will be filtered and ready for consumption.
  • R.O. Whole house filters are cheaper than buying bottled water for your entire home. Reverse osmosis filters use a lot of water to produce a few gallons of water a day but it is still cheaper than buying bottled water.

    Reverse osmosis water filter whole house systems are equivalent to less than $1 a day when you take into consideration the cost for the system and the gallons of water wasted.

  • Whole house reverse osmosis filters are considered to be the most effective option to filter water for any home. They remove over 99% of contaminants from water regardless of the source of the water.

    No bacteria, no viruses, no chlorine, no lead and no bad tastes and odor.

  • Pre-filter removes sediments and chlorine that would otherwise clog and affect the quality of the membrane.

    Any whole house reverse osmosis filter with a pre- filter will extend the lifespan of the membrane and improve the quality of water that will be supplied to your home.

Disadvantages Of Whole House Reverse Osmsois Systems

  • Wastes a lot of water. Its no secret that a typical whole house reverse osmosis filter will use between 5 to 15 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of uncontaminated water.
  • Removes beneficial minerals from the water. Whole house reverse osmosis systems are so effective that they even remove beneficial minerals from the water such as fluoride and calcium.

    These minerals are beneficial to everyone in your household especially children and the elderly.

  • May require an extra storage tank. Whole house reverse osmosis water filtration systems usually store water in their tank so that whenever you need water it is available. In fact, because the reverse osmosis filter is not as fast as carbon filters, they are always working to produce clean water.

    Depending on how much water your household may use, you may need a second storage tank to prevent you from running out of water.

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