Addie Water Softener
Multiple Options to Choose From

Most persons are not familiar with an Addie water softener.

Addie is not new to the water softening industry. In fact, Addie Water Systems Inc. started in 1978 with the focus on water softeners for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

Manufactured in U.S.A. Addie water softeners are not as popular as they should be but they are reliable and efficient.

They are not as popular because they can hardly be found online. If you want an Addie softener, you will have to order one on their official website or contact one of their dealers.

They currently offer over seven (7) types of water softeners for multi purposes.

Addie softeners are multi purpose and can be used in not only homes but also offices, restaurants, Laundromats, clinics and laboratories.

You are guaranteed to find a water softener for your need regardless of how many persons will be using a water softener from Addie.

The grain capacity ranges from 24,000 grain capacity upwards, so you can be assured that Addie has a water softener to match your individual needs.

If you have a small family you can go for the 24,000 grain capacity and if you have a larger family then you can go for the 32,000 capacity.

If you are worried that your water supply will change, Addie's alternating twin tank design ensures that there is a continuous supply of softened water.

In fact, to ensure that there is a continuous flow of softened water, when one tank's supply of softened water is close to being empty, the standby tank is put into place while the first tank regenerates.

This guarantees that your water will keep flowing.

The motor driven valve is made of durable material and is very reliable even under the harshest conditions. The pistons work perfectly through iron, dirt and turbidity.

Why Are Addie Softeners So Special?

Another great feature of all Addie softeners is that it has an automatic brine control that has a "set it and forget it feature". Once you set the brine dosage and capacity, the softener system will adjust as necessary.

You will also notice that all Addie softeners have metered based system. The water softener systems measures the water used and regenerates only when necessary.

There is no need to worry about maintenance because Addie softeners only have one moving part. This makes them less likely to have any mechanical problems and if you do have a problem, there is only one part to change.

Even if the time comes for repair, don't worry because there is a 10 year warranty on brine and mineral tanks. There is also a 3 year warranty on the meter and the computer system.

Furthermore, Addie softener parts are durable and will last for years.

For those persons worried about buying a water softener and then buying a water filter, Addie water softener systems act as a softener but also remove limited amounts of iron and sediments.

All Addie water softeners have salt storage capacities of 300 pounds. This amount is adequate enough to prevent constantly refilling the brine tank.

No need to worry about overflowing the brine tank with salt because the unique design of the brine tank prevents overflowing and the salt from mushing.

Sometimes when a water softener is installed in a house, the water pressure drops. Not with Addie softeners.

Addie water softeners have impressive flow rates of up to 10 g.p.m. This guarantees that you will have soft water at a very good pressure throughout the day.

An Addie softener is energy efficient and operates on little to nothing electricity a day. You save on energy as well as on your electricity

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