Aqua Pure Water Filters
A Variety of Water Filters At Affordable Prices

Aqua Pure water filters have been around for decades.

John Mcnulty started the company because he saw the need to provide a variety of replacement water filters at a discounted price.

His aim was to provide customers with quality water filters that actually work at the best price possible.

Aqua Pure offers water filters for residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

3M, one of the largest manufacturers of water filters, manufactures Aqua Pure water filters and distributes them all over the world.

Aqua Pure is most popular for providing quality replacement filters.

Aqua Pure Replacement Water Filters

Aqua Pure offers replacement water filters to tackle many problems such as bad odour, cloudy water, orange stain, black stain, green stain or chlorine problems.

Generally, Aqua Pure replacement water filters should be replaced every three to six months.

The lifespan of the replacement filter depends on the type of filtration system.

Aqua Pure sediment filters should be replaced every three to four months or when the pressure drops.

The lifespan of the cartridge can actually be extended if you remove large particles from the cartridge.
This will extend the lifespan of the cartridge for an extra month or two.

The odour/taste cartridges should be replaced every four to six months or when the bad taste and odour returns.

Aqua Pure housings are different from other brands because Aqua Pure filters can be installed horizontally or vertically.

The reverse osmosis water filters will take 24 hours to fill an empty storage tank.

The membrane should be replaced every two to three years, while the pre and post filters should be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

The reverse osmosis water filters will remove 95% to 99% of contaminants from water.

Reviews of Aqua Pure Water Filters

Aqua Pure Whole House Water Filter

There are over 20 whole-house water filters to choose from. They even offer a whole-house water filter that is specifically made for well water.

The Aqua Pure AP902 is one of their most popular units on the market. The AP902 will reduce sediments in your water and is especially suitable for well water users. The AP902 will supply you with 20 gallons of filtered water per minute.

As for the replacement cartridge, it should be changed every year.

The AP11T is probably their fastest growing whole-house water filter system for Aqua Pure. The AP11T can use several types of cartridges that target specific problems with your water.

Even though the flow rate is slower (eight g.p.m.) than the AP902, the AP11T is good at removing sediments, chlorine, scale, bad taste and bad odour.

If you're looking for a whole-house system that can tackle tough environmental problems, you should consider the Aqua Pure SS12.

This water filtration system will effectively clean your water at 96 gallons per minute. This water filter system can use over four types of replacement cartridges based on your water condition.

For cold or hot-water applications, you should look at the AP1610SS water filter. This filter is easy to install and requires very little maintenance.

Aqua Pure Under Sink Water Filters

There are eleven under counter Aqua Pure water filters on the market.

The AP510 is ideal for use in your kitchen or bathroom. This filter will reduce sediments, chlorine, bad taste and odor. For better performance overtime, replace the cartridge every six months.

The Aqua Pure Cyst water filter targets cysts in the water as well as chlorine and sediments. It is recommended that the replacement cartridge be changed every six months but most times the cartridges last longer.

If you are searching for a reverse osmosis undersink water filter system, you should consider the APR05500 four stage system. The APR05500 is certified by NSF to reduce several contaminants, including lead, cysts, chlorine, sediments, copper and arsenic.

In addition, this water filter carries a separate faucet and has a flow rate of 0.8 gallons per minute.

The Aqua Pure CS-S is an economical alternative for the APR05500 reverse osmosis system. The system is slightly larger than a refrigerator filter, and it reduces mercury, absentos, sediments, chlorine, cyst and lead.

The filter cartridge capacity is 750 gallons.

Aqua Pure Shower Water Filter

Aqua Pure offers a shower water filter that will reduce chlorine in your water leaving your skin and hair healthier.

Installation is very easy and only requires removing the existing shower head and inserting Aqua Pure's shower filter.

It will cost you roughly $40 and the replacement filters last six months.

Aqua Pure Food Service Water Filters

Aqua Pure not only offers water filters for homes but also service areas.

They offer over 10 coffee maker water filters that will have your coffee tasting better than ever. All the dangerous effects of sediments and chlorine are removed from the coffee leaving you with great-tasting coffee.

Replacement cartridges typically have 1,500 gallons.

Aqua Pure also offers commercial ice maker water filters. These ice maker filtration systems will remove, sediments, bacteria, chlorine, bad taste and odor and cysts.

For those persons that use cold beverages in their restaurants, shops or other food outlets, Aqua Pure offers water filters for you.

These filters focus on removing bad taste and odour from your cold beverages. The price starts from $125 upwards.

Which Aqua Pure Water Filter Is Best For You?

There are numerous Aqua Pur filters on the market and choosing the right one is very important.

For a one bedroom apartment or a small house with two bathrooms, the AP101T or AP11T with one filter cartridge is most suitable.

If you have a three or four bathrooms at home, then you will want to consider using two (2) cartridges along with the AP102T or the AP12T.

Those persons that will require a larger flow rate than what the AP102T supplies, then you should take a look at the AP801.

Another important thing that you will want to know is what type of filter to choose based on your water.

Even though Aqua Pure gladly makes the best recommendation for you, here are some tips from personal experience.

Buy the AP1001 or AP1003 to get rid of the cloudy water.

If you notice a few sediments in your water, you should go for the AP111. For water with a lot of sediments, use the AP124 Aqua Pure water filter.

The AP110 filter is the standard filter used in most homes. In other words, if your water is not cloudy or contains visible particles, then the AP110 is perfect for you.

In the end, the Aqua Pure water filter that you choose will largely depend on your water quality.

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