Aquasana Shower Filter Model AQ-4100

by michelle conley

My Aquasana shower filter model aq-4100 came at a time when I need it the most.

My two sons have been allergic to chlorine and it always affected them whenever they took a bath.

They would have trouble breathing when taking a shower or immediately after taking a shower.

They never had a problem drinking water because I always bought bottled water.

I’ve been to several doctors but not one of them recommended a shower filter system to me. So I went online and I found children who had similar problem as my kids. Most reviews led to the conclusion that I needed a shower filter.

Everywhere I looked, Aquasana came up as the best shower filter system to buy. At first I was a bit hesitant because I felt that Aquasana was more expensive than other brands that I saw but the highest reviews always pointed to Aquasana.

I made the decision to choose Aquasana because I wanted my kids to feel healthy all the time, especially when taking a shower.

What attracted me to Aquasana’s shower filter was that it removed chlorine as well as VOC’s and chemicals through a two stage filtration process.

To tell you the truth, at first I bought two locally made filters. They did a good job but it wasn’t enough. I was so glad when I found the Aquasana shower filter model aq-4100.

Now I can’t get my sons out of the shower. The best part about it is that my sons no longer get an asthma attack when taking a shower.

As a mother this is where I am most comfortable.
Aquasana has two shower filters. One has a massage handle and one doesn’t. I now have the massage handle shower filter because it is easier for my boys to use because they are short.

Regardless of the type of Aquasana shower filter that you choose, you will have six long months before you need to change the filter cartridge. This is good because most showers filters only last 3 months or so.

For less than $100 a year, you will only need to change your shower cartridge twice a yea. That’s less than 30 cents a day. Wow! Talk about savings and results.

I tried it myself and I can tell you that with an Aquasana shower filter, you will feel the difference immediately. The water looks clearer, has no fool odour and feels much better.

Even though the Aquasana shower filter model aq-4100 costs a little more than other shower filters, it is definitely worth the price.

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Mar 23, 2011
Aquasana shower Filter is the Best
by: Anonymous

When I say best I mean best. Aquasana shower filter will instantly make you feel better. Your skin and air will feel much better.

No chlorine smell or taste. I wish that I had gotten this shower filter a long time ago. Now I stay in the shower longer because I enjoy my showers more.

Installation took me less than 5 minutes. No tools needed. Just a matter of screw off your old shower head and screw on the Aquasana shower filter. After installing the Aquasana shower filter, allow your water to run for about 2 minutes.

The water coming out during this time will be "blackish". As soon as the water is clear, you can jump in and take your shower.

Get your Aquasana shower filter now.....

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