Autotrol Water Softener
Over Twelve (12) Models To Choose From

The Autotrol water softener line is of the better quality group of water softeners available today.

In fact, there are over twelve (12) models of Autotrol water softeners on the market. They offer a water softener for everyone's needs.

Autotrol softeners have features such as automatic recharging, microprocessor, memory chip and automatic control chip.

These softeners tackle the problem of hard water that will make your clothes harder to wash.

Their water softeners will change your hard water into softer water so that your clothes will feel better, as well as your hair and skin.

Before you choose an Autotrol softener, you must understand the two main types.

Types Of Autotrol Water Softeners

There are two main types of Autotrol water softeners: The Time Clock Unit and The Metered Unit.

The time clock system allows the user to have total control over the regeneration process. Based on your consumption, you determine when your softener will regenerate.

With the metered unit, the Autotrol water softener determines when to regenerate your water. This is done by the built in microprocessor that is installed in all softeners.

The microprocessor monitors and stores your water usage on a memory chip and then analyses the data. The data is used to determine the most efficient time to regenerate the water.

This metered process saves water and salt because your water softener will only regenerate when necessary.

So how do you determine which of the two types of Autotrol softener to choose?

The first thing that you need to know is your water hardness level. If your water is very hard, then the metered system is best for you because based on the hardness level, the Autotrol microprocessor will determine the best time to regenerate.

If your water's hardness level is low, then the time clock system may be best for you.

Another major factor to include is the frequency of water usage. Do you use the same amount of water weekly?

If that is the case, then you can use the time clock water softener because you know exactly how much water you will use.

On the other hand, if your water consumption is inconsistent, then the metered Autotrol water softener will better fit your needs.

This way the microprocessor will analyze your water usage and regenerate accordingly. This will save time, money, water and salt.

Brief Review of Autotrol Water Softeners

There are over twelve (12) models of Autotrol water softener. Let's take brief look at the most popular ones.

Autotrol 255/760 Water Softener:

There are four (4) models in this series with varying grain capacity of 24,000 ,32,000 , 48,000 and 60,000 .

All the water softeners in this series are metered units. They are ideal for persons with a moderate to strong water hardness level who use municipal water or well water.

The metered units ensure that you don't waste any water or salt during the regeneration process.

The 64,000 unit is primarily for larger families who use a lot of water such as families that have 4 to 6 persons. The 24,000 grain capacity is for much smaller families or persons who use little water.

You will find these units in stores from $475 to $650.

The Autotrol softeners have an internal bypass that allows water to go through the faucet during the regeneration process. This means that you can enjoy soft water while your Autotrol softener regenerates.

Autotrol 255/742 Water Softener:

The Autotrol 255/742 aslo has four (4) models in this series with grain capacity of 24,000 , 32,000 , 48,000 and 60,000.

Unlike the 255/760 series, the 255/742 uses the time clock unit system. This means that you have more control over when your water softener will regenerate.

This series is more suitable for persons with a good idea or estimate of how much water they consume daily or weekly.

You have the advantage of setting a scheduled system as to when to regenerate your water.

The price for the units in the 255/742 series range from $425 to $590.

You should not look at the smaller price tag when making your decision. The 255/742 series offer much more.

Autotrol 268/762 Water Softeners:

This series has six (6) models with grain capacities of 20,000 , 30,000 , 45,000 , 60,000, 75,000 and 90,000.

The larger grain capacities will fit larger families or groups that need soft water.

The 268/762 series will ensure that all your hard water is turned into soft water for consumption.

The price will range from $600 to $1,100 but for a good reason.

They are all metered systems and feature user data storage that stores your water usage for eight (8) hours when there is a power cut.

When there is a power cut and the electricity returns, your water softener will continue based on information that was collected and analyzed before the power cut.

Another great feature of this series is that even though it is metered system, you can still change your efficiency settings to high capacity, standard efficiency, or high efficiency.

Don't let the twelve series distract you from selecting the best unit. If you need assistance, you can contact one of their customer service agents.

There are over twelve series to choose from so ensure that you carefully compare the systems and that you read through a few reviews at the end of this page.

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