11 Things To Look For When Selecting The Best Backpacking Water Filter

Choosing the best backpacking water filter is important for all backpackers.

You can't trust every water source when you are out in the wilderness, hiking, camping or doing other open-air events.
The best backpacking filtration system will reduce bad taste, bad odour, bacteria, chlorine and some viruses.

The importance of a backpack water filter is to ensure that you have clean, filtered and safe water while you are on your trip or expedition.

The Selection Process

Let's now take a look at a few factors that you must consider when choosing the best backpacking water filter.
Filter Medium

How will the water be cleaned? Most water filters use carbon filters to target bad taste and bad odour.
Water Source

Is the water filter system able to clean any source of water? Remember that when you are travelling you never know what type of water you may encounter.

You will want to know that the filter you choose will remove a very high percentage of contaminants.

Size and Weight

No one wants an outdoor filter that weighs twenty pounds. That would be too big and heavy to go in your backpack. Search for small and lightweight backpack water filters that add ease to portability.
Replacement Filters

Replacement filters should be affordable and readily available.
Pump or Operation

The backpacking filter that you choose should be easy to operate for even a child. Nature can be very mysterious and may present several unexpected occurrences, so you will need a system that is stress-free to operate.
Durability and Warranty

Usually, the filters made of plastic are not very durable and are useful for one or two trips at best. You want to choose a water filtration system that will serve you at least 5 years.
Number of persons on the trip

Not all water filters that you take hiking, camping or trailing are suitable for 4 or 5 persons. Do your research and ensure that the water filtration system that you choose is ideal for your group.
Duration of the trip

How long will you be staying? The filter you choose must be able to endure the duration of your trip. In other words, the filter system should be efficient enough to consistently supply you with clean and pure water until you decide to leave.

This is a big factor. A very good water filter for backpacking is not cheap. You will have to look in the price range of $70 to $250. Most times, these water filters are worth the price because they last for years and even generations.
Litres per minute

When on the go, you will want water at a fast rate. No one wants to wait long for water when you are thirsty.

Installation and Maintenance

Installation should be easy and maintenance easier. Maintenance basically involves cleaning the filter cartridge.

Best Backpacking Water Filter Manufacturers

Katadyn Water Filters

Few filtration brands have a line specific to back packing. Katadyn filters are important to outside adventures. They are lightweight and easy to use.

Some persons may find them pricey, but they are worth every penny.

Their “back country” series has five (5) products to choose from.

Travel Berkey Water Filters

The Travel Berkey with its compact size is ideal to provide filtered water for small groups.

Built to perfection, the stainless steel material protects against rust and destruction.

This is a great system for exploring or wandering outdoors.

MSR Water Filters

Winner of numerous backpacking awards, the MSR Hyperflow system is world renowned.

The cartridge has a filtration capacity of 1000 liters and only weights 8 oz. To top it all off; the system is self-cleanable.

Even though it is a bit costly, this filter is suitable for hill or rock climbing
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