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Water Filter

Here at Best Water Purification we want you to choose the best water filter. Here are a few good links to enjoy.

Wikipedia Water Filter- You will find a lot of information on water filters here. Information include definition, types of water filters, methods of filtration and water polishing.

Water Softener

Hard water is bad for us. We provide a few links with wealth of information.

Wikipedia Water Softener- Wikipedia offers a great source of information on water softeners too. Even though the definition is a bit complex you will still get the basic understanding of hard water and soft water.

Wikipedia also offers information on the types of water softeners, methods of softening water and the effects of soap in hard water. Ensure that you read information on health effects.

Water Purifiers

Wikipedia Water Purifier- When it comes to information on water purification, Wikipedia has a library of information.

You will find excellent information such as the definition, methods, sources and disinfection.

Water Treatment

Wikipedia Water Treatment- If you want to know the definition of water treatment, you should look at Wikipedia. They have a nice definition, as well as, other valuable information on water treatment.

Bottle Water

Wikipedia Bottle Water

Bottled Water Web- Bottle water or tap water? Wikipedia is the place for information on bottled water.

Know the effects of bottled water in different regions all over the world.

Healthy Living This website offers a wide range of health related information from top health experts all over the world.

You will find articles and answers to the toughest health questions.

Kids Stay Health- This website is a must for children of all ages.

What we love about this website is that it offers information for parents, kids and teens. Take a look at this website before you visit your doctor. You will be amazed at the wealth of information that you will find.

Related Industry Links

You will also need a few good links within the water industry. Enjoy them courtesy of Best Water Purification. This website is a leader in non profit organizations. provides access to safe drinking water all over the world, especially in Africa where clean drinking water is very limited.

This website is known all over the world. The recognition is aided by the fact that one of the co-founders is movie star Matt Damon.

World Water Week- Here yo will find important details on all major water related fairs, trade shows, exhibitions and seminars.

World Water Monitoring Day- Was designed around the idea that everyone should take charge and monitor water activities around them.

World monitoring day is celebrated on September 18th ( not a public holiday).

World Water Day- Find all the information and resources that you need for World Water Day on March 22.

Learn about all the activities and projects going on around the world. Did we mention that this website is very user friendly?

National Science Foundation- N.S.F. certification is the ultimate proof of credibility when it comes to water purification. This is the seal of approval for most consumers.

Find a list of all N.S.F. certified water products here.

Your #1 Online Store Review Directory-

Please Visit this site for a Great store review and also view their information center.

You will find a Review Directory and Information Center on Retail Stores, wholesalers, drop shippers and more.

They tell you how to find real wholesalers and real drop shippers and Review the best Retail Store.

What we love about this website is that they give you information on most drop shippers and wholesalers. There are many fraudulent around the world and this website makes it easier for you to avoid buying from one of them

Clean water For Laymen- An introduction to water, sanitation, and hygiene in simple terms. Content is collected from many sources and complied here.


Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine- This is a family own website that offers the latest news and articles relating to water.

Filtration & separation- This filtration magazine is FREE. You will find guides on buying filtration products and good articles.

Consumer Reports- The number one buying guide in America. There is information on all types of water filters, water softeners and water purifiers.

There "Top Ten" lists have changed the buying patterns of many people.

E-Commerce Websites

Amazon- Definitely one of the best websites when it comes to price. Amazon offers over 90% of water products.

Ebay- Ebay is also another good source. Ensure that you read reviews from the seller before you purchase.

Yahoo Shopping- yahoo shopping is another great site to buy water filters and water softeners. even though this site is not as popular as Amazon and Ebay, you will still find some good deals here.

WaterFilters.Net- If you don't find the water filter that you are looking for on Amazon, chances are you will find it here.

This website has majority of brands and their respective parts and cartridges for reasonable prices.

FiltersFast- Here you will also find great deals on water filters and replacement cartridges.

Clarity Water products- Relax in your spa with healthy water, no maintenance, no toxic chemicals, for less than you spend now. Swim in a chlorine free pool. Enjoy great tasting, healthy water in your home without salt softeners or under sink filters.

We hope that you have found the best water purification information that you are looking for. Continue to visit Best Water Purification for updated links and the latest information on water.

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