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Best Wtaer Softener SaltWater Softener Salt

Choosing the best water softener salt for your water softener system is very important.

You can't just use any type of water softener salt in your water softener. If you do, results will vary.

Just because a water softener salt is popular does not make it the best one.

Morton water softener salt is the most popular salt to use but there are other salts on the market that are just as effective.

Some water softeners will not operate effectively with certain types of salt.

Let's take a look at the three (3) main types of salt so that you will have a better understanding of the best water softener salt to choose.

Main Types Of Water Softener Salts

Rock Salt

The source of this type of salt is usually through mining. Rock salts are actually deposits from the ground.

If you choose rock salt, you have to be prepared to clean your reservoir a lot. That is because rock salt contains a high level of calcium sulphate which is not water soluble and will result in you having to clean your reservoir a lot.

On the brighter side, rock salt is the cheapest of the three (3).

Just because rock salt is cheap does not mean you should buy a bag. You must check with your water softener manufacturer because not all types of water softener systems will be able to effectively break down rock salt.

Solar Salt

Formed from the evaporation of sea water, solar salt is considered better than rock salt because it is less insoluble.

Solar salt contains approximately 85% sodium chloride and usually comes in hard form such as crystal or pellet.

Solar salt will cost more than rock salt because it has to undergo more processing.

Evaporated Salt

This type of salt is found in dissolved form in underground salt deposits.

With evaporated salt, the water is evaporated from the salt leaving only sodium chloride.

Evaporated salt is very soluble and also the most expensive of the three (3) salts. It requires less maintenance than the others because it is the purest of the three.

Deciding The Best Water Softener Salt To Choose

  1. How hard is your water? Your water hardness level is very important in choosing the best water softener salt because the harder your water is the stronger the salt will need to be to effectively turn the hard water into softer water.

    Rock salt may require a lot of salt while evaporated salt will not require as much salt because the salt will have to breakdown the calcium and magnesium in the water.

  2. Which water softener salt is recommended by the manufacturer?

    You should always follow the manufacturer's recommendations as to which water softener salt to use in your softener system.

    Never add a new type of salt to another salt.

    Always wait until your salt tank is empty before trying another type of salt because it can damage your water softener system.

  3. How often will you clean your system?

    As mentioned before, using rock salt will require more frequent cleaning of the reservoir while evaporated salt won't require half as much cleaning.

    Moreover, rock salt can cause the salt to form in solid at the bottom of the tank which will affect the performance of the softener and cleaning the softener.

Overall, the decision of choosing the best water softener salt does not depend on any one factor; it depends on your water hardness level, frequency of cleaning your water softener and the manufacturer's recommendation.

Which Water Softener Salt Is The Best?

So which water softener salt on the market do you think is the best?

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