Boat Water Filters
What You Should Know Before Buying

Boat water filters will eliminate the majority of contaminants in your water.

You need a good boat water filter because bottled water can be too expensive and heavy.

The water may be contaminated by human wastes or chemicals used in boat maintenance.

Even if you decide to take along bottled water, this is only limited to larger boats. Smaller boats cannot manage the weight and cannot accommodate the space of bottled water.

In fact, taking along bottled water may only last a few hours at most. What happens if you are stranded at sea for days? Your best bet for safe water is getting a boat water filter.

Remember that when you travel, especially for long journeys, you will need an adequate amount of water to last for the entire trip.

Some boat trips take a few days while others take a few weeks or months.

When you travel you can never trust the water quality of your destination. In fact, sometimes you set out for a particular journey and end up somewhere else.

Choosing A Good Boat Water Filter

Before you go out and select a marine water filter, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration.

What type of filter system will you need? Reverse osmosis or carbon?

Even though a reverse osmosis boat water filter is probably your best choice to fight against bacteria and viruses in the water,a carbon boat filter is more affordable.

A reverse osmosis water filter is the number one choice for many boaters because it is very effective regardless of the quality of water that you are purifying.

In addition, remember that a reverse osmosis boat filter will likely take longer to supply you with a gallon of water compared to a carbon filter.

So if you decide on a reverse osmosis water filter system for your boat, chances are you will have to take along a few containers of filtered water or bottled water.

When it comes to chlorine or bad taste and odor, your carbon boat filter will reduce these effects, as well as, other contaminants.

Carbon boat water filters are usually the first choice because of price and availability.

The truth is, a reverse osmosis boat filter is better at filtering any type of water.

It would be good if you bought a boat filter that uses reverse osmosis and carbon filtration.

The truth is, a reverse osmosis boat filter is better at filtering any type of water.

It would be good if you bought a boat filter that uses reverse osmosis and carbon filtration.

  • Can supply sufficient amount of water for all the parties aboard. How many persons will be traveling on board?
  • Don't waste your time buying or renting a boat water filter that can only supply you with water for a few minutes to an hour. The truth is, you never know what kind of unforeseen disaster may occur that will have you out at sea for days. You certainly don't want to run out of water because it can lead to dehydration or you having to consume unfiltered water as a means to survive.

  • How far will you be traveling? The length of travel is very important.
  • You will need a boat filter that can consistently supply you with the same quality of filtered water throughout your vacation. Your friend's boat filter may be good at treating water by a river but not at the ocean. That does not make it a good choice for you. Will you be going to another country or state? You can never tell how good or bad the quality of the water at your destination. What you need to ensure is that the water quality is sufficient and of the best quality.

  • What contaminants will it remove? Is the filter certified by N.S.F. Or any other governing body?
  • Certification is actually credibility because it is proof that the filter you are buying for your boat will reduce certain contaminants. Boat water filters should be good at reducing contaminants in the water, especially bacteria and virus.
  • Chlorine, which is commonly used in municipal water systems, is not very common out by sea. You will need to focus on those small organisms living in the water as well as algae, bacteria, and salt. If you are out at sea, your boat filter has to be able to effectively reduce the salt level in your water to at least 1 %. The amount of salt in sea water can adversely affect your blood pressure or cause respiratory problems.
  • Price. What's your budget? Don't go for those inexpensive boat water filters that last a few weeks or months. It's better to invest in a good filter that is durable and survive a few years. At the same time, not because a boat filter costs a few hundred dollars doesn't mean that it is better than a cheaper model. Some companies use price as branding and sometimes it isn't worth it. In addition, don't just look at the initial cost. Look at replacement cartridges and maintenance.
  • Maintenance. Unlike a water filter that is stationed at your home, boat water filters are far from land and any type of professional maintenance assistance. So any boat filter that you choose should require little or no maintenance with excellent customer service. Good one on one customer service assistance is a must when on a boat.
  • Space. You want to buy a boat filter that does not take up a lot of space around the boat. you want to be able to move freely around the boat without any problems. The more space that you have on board the more items and friends that can journey with you. Furthermore, you must take into consideration the weight of the boat filter because if it’s too heavy it can cause the boat to sink or turn over.
  • Remember that a boat filter is essential when you travel because it is one of the best ways to ensure that you have clean and safe water for consumption throughout your journey. Moreover, you never know when a disaster may occur and you need a boat filter when out at sea.

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