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Most persons will tell you that a Brita water filter is one of the most affordable and reliable water filter systems on the market.

So if you are searching for durable and inexpensive water filters, Brita water filters may just be what you are looking for.

The price of Brita filters ranges from $7 to $50. Brita even offers coupons for their water filter systems. But the low price is not an indicator of the quality of Brita filters.

Presently, Brita offers five (5) types of water filters on the market. They include faucet filters, pitchers, dispensers, refrigerator filters and filter bottles.

Each type of Brita water filter has two (2) or more models, one of which is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Brita did not gain this popularity overnight. It started long ago more than 45 years back.

History Of Brita Water Filters

Brita replacement filter

Brita water filters have been around for more than 45 years. The company was founded by Heinz Hankammer, who from an early age had a vision for clean potable water.

He also recognized that people all over the world were being exposed to hundreds of impurities and contaminants in water.

He simply wanted to make a difference in the way we consume water.

It is this concern and drive which has led to the manufacture of several Britta filters that are on the market and used in every corner of the earth.

But what makes Brita separate and apart from the competition is the fact that all their water filters are small, easy to install and effective.

Let's now take a look at why thousands of people have chosen Britta water filters.

Why Choose Brita Water Filter Systems?

  • Affordable Brita Replacement Water Filters. Brita offers one of the most affordable Brita filters and their respective replacement filters on the market.

    When searching online or in stores, you will find that Britta water filters are sold for as little at $7. You will even find replacement water filters for cheaper than $7 if you buy them in groups of 3's or 6's.

    Brita ensures that everyone, regardless of their income, can afford at least one type of their water filter system.

  • Filter change reminder program. Britta water filters have built in indicators that will let you know when it is time to replace your filter.

    Green light indicates that the filter is good and will not require any replacement soon. The red light signifies that the filter cartridge is bad and should be changed immediately.

    Besides the indicator, Brita also has a "filter change reminder program". This program is for your benefit because Brita will notify you when the time is approaching for you to replace your filter cartridge.

    With this program, there is no need to worry about when to change your filter. You will have clean filtered water forever.

  • Several locations to buy filters. Brita offers one of the widest and most diversified ranges of locations that offer their water filter.

    You will find them online or in stores. The retail stores include Wal-mart, Target, Sears and Costco. Online stores include,, and

  • Several filter types to choose from. Brita offer filters for dispensers, pitchers, faucet, bottles and refrigerators.

    If there is a water filter for you, Brita has it. All Brita filters are small and easy to use.

    No technical skills needed to operate any of Brita filters. Anyone can easily operate them.

Brita Water Filter Reviews

Brita Filter Pitcher Brita pitchers are the most popular water filters offered by the brand. It may be because of its size or price but either way, it works for customers.

There are over fifteen (15) types of Brita pitchers on the market. They include Brita Slim, Brita Riveria, Brita Grand Pitcher and Brita Atlantis. So no matter what your style or taste, there is a Brita pitcher to match your needs.

The pitchers are small and lightweight and can be carried anywhere that you go. It is easy to use because it requires is for you to refill the pitcher when the water runs low.

Brita water filter pitchers work instantly. It’s clean filtered water at your fingertips.

People choose Brita water pitchers because..... read more

Brita Filter Dispenser Another popular way to enjoy water is by getting a Brita dispenser.

These dispensers are suitable for homes or offices. All they require you to do is refill the dispenser when it runs low on water.

Don't believe that the Brita dispenser works? The dispenser is transparent so you will not see any sediment at the bottom of the dispenser. All you will see is clean and pure water.

Brita Filter Bottles For persons on the go, Brita offers 20 oz reusable and recyclable bottles to filter water whenever you go. They are easy to carry and can fit almost any bag pack.

They only cost $9 in stores and a bit cheaper online. You can purchase two for about $7.50 each. This is an excellent price being that one filter cartridge is equivalent to 150 plastic bottles

The Brita filter bottles are a part of the filter change program so you will be notified of when to change your filter.

Brita Faucet Filters Brita offers two (2) types of faucet filters: Basic tap filter and the advanced tap filter.

The filter cartridge for each water filter system lasts 100 gallons or two (2) months.

The filter systems are lightweight and very easy to install. No tools or professional help is needed.

Once you "snap" on a Brita faucet filter, you are ready to receive great tasting water.... read more

When you use a Brita faucet filter, it's like using a whole house water filter system at your faucet.

Brita Refrigerator Water Filters

These refrigerator water filters are popular on the market because they can fit many other brand refrigerators such as Whirlpool, Hotpoint and Frigidaire.

They are also compatible with other styles of refrigerators such as French door and side by side refrigerator.

Even though Brita refrigerator filters cost more than their faucet filters, consumers love the fact that they actually work. They remove chlorine, bad taste, bad odor and many more impurities.

Brita refrigerator water filters are easy to install but it is best that you follow the manual. After installing a new filter, please ensure that the filter is "flushed" before you start drinking the water.

The Best Places To Buy Brita Filters

Brita water filters are extremely popular all over the world. Let's look at list of the best places to buy Brita filters.

Online Stores:

When browsing the online stores, look out for Coupons and discounts. Compare the price of the Brita filter system as well as replacement cartridges, warranty and shipping and handling.

Top stores:

Take along any coupons that you have for Brita water filters or water filters in general because they may be redeemable.

  • Kmart
  • Target
  • Wal-Mart
  • Sears
  • Rite aid
  • Lowe's
  • Home Depot
  • Costco
  • Ace Hardware
  • Sam's Club

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