Cheap Whole House Water Filters
Benefits, Drawbacks and Reviews

Cheap whole house water filters are worth more than their dollar value.

We refer to a cheap whole house water filter system as any whole house system that can be bought for less than $100.

Most whole house water filters on the market cost as much as $1000. The average whole house water filter costs a few hundred dollars.

Most persons want to buy a whole house water filter but the truth is that the prices for some of these systems can be expensive to some persons.

A cheap whole house filtration system is an affordable way for someone to buy a water filter system for their entire home without spending hundreds of dollars.

There are main benefits to be derived from purchasing an “affordable” whole house water filter.

Benefits of Buying Cheap Whole House Water Filters

Before you go online or to a store to purchase a cheap whole house filter system, you should ensure that the one you choose will carry the following benefits.

You Save Money

Let's face it. The main reason you look for anything cheap is to save money. A cheap whole house filter should allow you to save at least a hundred dollars a year.

Replacement Filters

If the water filter system is cheap, the replacement filters are usually cheap as well.

Remember that whole house water filters usually carry 2 to 3 replacement filters so the cheaper the replacement filters, the better for you.

These replacement filters should also last at lest 4 months. Anything less than 4 months may actually cost you more in the long term.

Removing Contaminants

Some of the cheaper whole house water filters remove as many contaminants as the expensive ones.

Most persons think that a cheap whole house filter only remove sediments and leaves more dangerous contaminants untouched.

If you can find an affordable whole house water filter that can remove more than sediments, then you should place this water filter on your "short list" of whole house filters to choose from.

Easy Installation

Cheap whole house systems are usually simple in design and structure and are therefore easy to install and setup.

Maintenance us pretty much the same. Maintenance is usually limited to changing the filters when they require replacement.

Installation may not even require a professional which will allow you to save money from installation and maintenance.

As good as Expensive Systems

There are whole house filters that are cheap and just as good as other more expensive systems on the market.

Drawbacks of Purchasing Cheap Whole House Filters


Usually, the quality of cheaper whole house systems is not as good as expensive ones. A few cheap whole house filtration systems are made of complete plastic housing that tends to break easily.

Removes Only Limited Contaminants

Most cheap whole house water filters will only remove sediments and some chlorine.

Replacement Cartridges

You may have to replace your filter cartridges 3 or 4 times a year.

Reviews of the Cheapest Whole House Water Filters On The Market

Big Blue 20 Inch Whole House Water Filter

The Big Blue 20 inch water filter is very affordable. You will find this unit for less than $100 online.

This particular water filter system should be used on high flow applications.

If you have problems with sediments, carbon, bad taste and bad odour, Big Blue 20" is a good alternative for you.

Furthermore, the installation of this filter will prolong the lifespan of household appliances such as your water heater, washing machine and refrigerator.

Installation is very easy; in fact, it is similar to the installation of a faucet filter.

A drawback to this cheap whole house water filter is that because of the size of the filter medium, a lot of smaller contaminants go through the filter system.

As mentioned before, this water filter system is good at removing sediments, bad taste and bad odour.

Big Blue 10 Inch Whole House Water Filter

Another affordable unit by Big Blue is its 10" whole house filtration system.

The 10 inch is more effective at removing a wider range of contaminants than the 20" Big Blue water filter system.

The Big Blue 10" filtration system uses a carbon block cartridge to eliminate chlorine and organic chemicals that contribute to bad taste and bad odour.

This cheap whole house filter can be used in many applications such as residential, commercial and industrial settings.

You will find the Big Blue 10" in most major stores and online.

Omni U25E Whole House Water Filter

Omni U25E whole house filter is another affordable whole house water filter on the market.

In addition to removing sediments, bad taste and bad odour, Omni U25E removes pollutants and chemicals.

Replacing the filter is very easy; in fact, it does not even require shutting off the main water line.

Based on our assessment, this is a basic or temporary whole house water filter system until you can afford a better quality one.

There are a few customers have complained about the whole house filter housing leaking and the weak plastic parts.

Despite what most persons may say, the best cheap whole house water filters will remove sediments, chlorine, bad taste and bad odour from your water.

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