Chlorine Water Filters
Your Ultimate Chlorine Removal System

Chlorine water filters are useful in removing chlorine from any water source.

The effects of chlorine are great. Most persons hate the taste and odour of chlorine. What is even worst is the damage it does once we inhale or swallow it.

Despite this, many public and private water companies praise chlorine as a good disinfectant against bacteria and water borne diseases.

But chlorine actually creates more contaminants than before it was added. The best way to remove chlorine and its by-products is by using a chlorine water filter.

Before you decide on buying a chlorine filter, there are several things you need to know.

Let's take a look at why chlorine is used in water, why removing chlorine is important and the best chlorine water filters on the market.

Why Use Chlorine In Your Water?

Chlorine was first added to water over 100 years ago.

Chlorine is a very good disinfectant; especially, where tap water is concerned. In fact, chlorine is used to kill bacteria that may be in your water or your pipelines.

Chlorine prevents the development of water borne diseases that affect our health. Chlorine is very good at preventing cholera from developing.

Another reason why chlorine is used in treating your tap water is because it is cheap and available in abundance.

Public and private water companies save millions a year when they disinfect the water with chlorine instead of using other methods.

Removing Chlorine From Your Water Is Important

What makes chlorine so dangerous is the fact that it reacts with other chemicals in the water to form toxins called trihalomethanes (THMs). THM's have been linked to cancer, asthma and heart disease.

These new contaminants formed by chlorine are actually more dangerous than chlorine itself.

The truth is, public and private companies will continue to use chlorine as a disinfectant in your water. The best way to remove chlorine from your water is by using a chlorine water filter.

Carbon filters are best at treating chlorine in water. They trap chlorine better than any other type of filter. Carbon filters are designed to remove the taste and odour of chlorine from your water.

A chlorine water filter that has a granular activated carbon filter can effectively remove 99.99% of chlorine from your water.

Types Of Chlorine Water Filters

Chlorine whole house water filters - These whole house water filter systems focus on removing chlorine and their by-products before the water enters your home or business.

When you buy a whole house chlorine filter, you don’t need to buy any other type of chlorine filter because the whole house system ensures that no chlorine comes out of any of your faucets.

This type of chlorine filter is the most expensive and will range from a couple hundred of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Under Sink Chlorine water filter - This is the most popular type of chlorine filter. It sits neatly under your kitchen counter right below the faucet.

What most people like about this type of filter is that it does not take up much space.

You will find the under counter chlorine filter for less than $100. You may even find brands for less than $50.

Countertop chlorine filter - similar to the under sink filter, the counter top is most times installed in the kitchen.

The counter top chlorine filter is much easier to install than the under sink.

When you shop online, you will find that the counter-top system will range from a low of $19.99 to a high of $150.99.

Chlorine shower filter - Even though it is not as popular as other types of chlorine filters; this is arguably the most important.

When we shower with unfiltered tap water, the chlorine in the water removes moisture from your hair and skin.

Chlorine will also result in extreme dryness of skin because chlorine removes the protective oils from your hair and skin.

In addition, when we take a hot shower the vapor we inhale will cause respiratory problems.

Refrigerator Chlorine filter - The most common way to know if chlorine is in your water is to taste it and no one likes to taste the chlorine in their water.

A Chlorine Refrigerator Filter will remove chlorine from the water that dispenses from your refrigerator.

The Chlorine refrigerator filter is for the family that drinks a lot of water and does not have a lot of money to spend.

Refrigerator chlorine filters are relatively cheap and cost less than $30.

How To Choose The Best Chlorine Water Filter

Now that you know the types of chlorine water filters, the next thing to do is to choose the best chlorine water filter that will meet your needs.

Here are some pointers when choosing a chlorine filter.

  • Verify if it really does remove chlorine. Is it certified by N.S.F. or any other certification body to remove chlorine and its by-products?

    There is usually a sticker or label on the box of the filter to certify chlorine removal. You can also check N.S.F’s Website.

  • Search for customer reviews on the water filter. Does it really remove chlorine and its effects such as bad odour and bad taste?

    Remember that the level of chlorine in the water will vary so you need a chlorine filter that will remove chlorine.

  • Choose a chlorine filter that will remove over 99% or more chlorine from your water.

    Anything less than 99% is too much chlorine in your water. There are a few chlorine filters on the market that removes over 99%.

    There is a big difference between one that can remove 98% and 99%. That 1% difference is too much. You can actually taste and smell the difference.

  • You want a chlorine filter that will remove chlorine from your tap water but also other outlets like your shower. Chlorine enters your skin when you take a shower or a bath.

    In fact, taking a chlorine filled shower is just as bad as drinking chlorine filled water.

  • Price is very important. Don't just look at the price to purchase the system, but also the cost of replacement filters.

    How many gallons can you use the chlorine filter before replacing it? PUR chlorine counter top filter usually has less than a 200 gallon capacity before making the switch.

  • What other contaminants will it remove? Don’t just choose a filter because it only removes chlorine.

    Save yourself the money and time from buying another filter to remove other contaminants. Choose a chlorine filter that removes chlorine, its by-products and other contaminants.

Best Rated Chlorine Water Filters By Type

Whole House Chlorine Filter

This filter should be able to remove most if not all chlorine from your water. It should be affordable and easy to maintain.

You always want a chlorine whole house filter that is trouble free and easy to operate.

The best rated whole house chlorine filter is an Aquasana Whole House Rhino Filter.

Under Counter Chlorine Filter

Besides being able to neatly fit under your kitchen sink, the best under sink chlorine filter should be able to remove a high percentage of chlorine from your water.

It should also be affordable and replacement cartridges easily accessible.

If you are interested in an under counter filter, you should consider the Aquasana under counter filter.

Counter top Chlorine Filters

You will always hear the popular names such as Aquasana, Brita, Pur and Culligan. Which one is the best for you when it comes to removing chlorine.

Shower Chlorine Filter

These Filters remove the chlorine from your water before it touches your skin.

Anyone who gets sick when taking a bath with chlorine filled water knows that the higher the percentage of chlorine removal from the water the better it is for your health.

Return to this page because we have more reviews at the bottom.

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