Consumer Reports on Water Softeners
Make Better Buying Decisions

A publication of Consumer Reports on water softeners would make choosing the best water softener system much easier.

Consumer Report Magazine is an American magazine which is published every month.

In each publication, you will find reviews and comparisons of most consumer products such as toys, electronics, and water filters.

When we speak of "Consumer Reports", we are talking about the official Consumer Report magazine.

All the comparisons of products are done by their independent in house testing laboratory.

With over 7 million subscribers, consumer reports magazine is very influential when it comes to buying habits. In fact, studies have shown that their annual automobile issue has a significant impact on automobile sales.

Many times people base their buying decision solely on the recommendation of consumer reports.

People love consumer report magazines because they can expect unbiased recommendations because they don't accept free products or money to advertise.

The information on their website is easily acceptable and only requires membership to view the reports.

Let us discuss the possibility of consumer reports on water softeners and the nature of the information that they currently provide to the public.

Consumer Reports On Water Softeners

With ratings and rankings for water filters, why has there not been any for water softeners?

Up until recently there was not a lot of information on water softeners on Consumer Report's website.

Even though there is still no ratings or ranking for water softeners, Consumer reports has contributed a few articles that will assist all consumers.

There is an article on everything you need to know about water softeners. Then there is an article on the best laundry detergents.

Laundry detergent is very important, especially when you have hard water. Hard water can result in you using two or three times the regular rate to wash one load of clothes.

The majority of potential water softener buyers will still be disappointed because they expect Consumer Reports magazine to list their best water softeners.

We believe that a report will be done in the near future but in the meantime, consumers can read the articles on Consumer Report's website, as well as, water softener reviews on this website.

The fact is that all water softeners will remove calcium and magnesium from your water and make your water softer. Another fact is that they all regenerate and use a lot of water.

The major difference is the price which can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple hundred dollars.

All water softener companies will make claims that their water softener system saves the most energy and uses less salt.

A consumer report on softeners will definitely change the buying behavior of water softeners on the market.

The influence that this magazine has cannot be underestimated. Most persons would instantly make their buying decision on the top three water softeners.

Most persons base their decision on expert advice rather than consumer reviews.

Many requests have been made for reports on water softeners.

Let's hope that one is coming soon.

In the meantime, you can continue to check Consumer Reports Magazine for updates on water softeners or visit our page for water softener reviews.

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