Countertop Water Filters
Small, Easy to Install and Affordable

Countertop water filters are small, easy to install and relatively cheap.

These are some of the reasons why people are so attracted to this type of filter system.

Most countertop water filters are very effective at removing impurities from your water at a very high percentage. Some of these contaminants include chlorine, lead, mercury, sediments, some bacteria, and some viruses.

In addition, they will eliminate that bad taste and odour from your water that you dislike.

There is an abundance of counter top filters on the market and due diligence should be taken when choosing the best counter top water filter.

Whether you are looking for a water filter for your kitchen or bathroom, you can be assured that a counter top water filter will effectively purify your water.

We will now move forward and look at how they work, benefits of buying one and which one we think you should buy.

What Is A Countertop Water Filter?

A countertop filter system is similar to an under sink water filter, the major difference is that with a counter top system the cartridge pack is placed on top of the counter rather than under the counter.

A major benefit with this type of water filter system is that it is easy to operate and easier to you.

Most counter top water filters are sold with their own filters that can be attached to your existing faucet. That way you can switch between filtered water and tap water when you are ready.

Countertop Water Filters: How Do They Work?

countertop water filters

The aim of any type of countertop water filter system is to properly clean and filter your water for consumption.

Whether your counter top water filter is carbon based or uses reverse osmosis, the overall aim is to remove all the bad contaminants from the water.

When you turn on your faucet that is attached to your counter top filter, water passes through your main pipe line and heads towards your faucet. Before the water comes through the faucet, the water will go through the counter top cartridge.

The cartridge can either be single, double or more. As the water passes through the cartridges, each one removes smaller contaminants than the previous cartridge. By the time the water comes out of your faucet, the water will be clean and pure.

What is amazing about this whole process is that it happens immediately. As you turn on your counter top faucet, filtered water is released.

Benefits Of A Countertop Water Filter

We have found several benefits of counter top filters that we would like to share with you.

  • Very easy to install and use. Countertop water filters take less than five (5) minutes to install. In fact, most counter top filters take less time to install than refrigerator filters.

    No tools or professional help is needed. It’s just a matter of attaching the counter top's faucet to your existing faucet.

    The base is usually placed on the counter and the tubes (if any) attached to the faucet.

  • Can be installed anywhere. Contrary to what most people believe, countertop filters can be installed to any faucet. Whether it is your kitchen, your bathroom or your washroom, you can install a counter top filter anywhere in your home or business.

    Where you install the filter should really depend on where you plan to use it the most and which location is most convenient to you.

  • They can be as effective as an under counter water filter. A countertop filter removes as many contaminants as most under sink water filters.

    Most people have the wrong assumption that an under counter water filter is actually better at removing more contaminants than a countertop system.

    A perfect example of a counter top filter being equal to an undercounter water filter is the Aquasana brand.

    Aquasana's countertop and under counter water filter systems both remove over 99% contaminants and last 500 gallons or 6 months. The major difference is in price where the countertop filter is cheaper than the undersink water filters.

  • Cheaper than an undercounter filter and bottled water. A good countertop filter will in the end cost you anywhere from $.10 to $.20 per gallon. This is over 10 times cheaper than bottled water.

    In comparison to under counter filters, the average countertop water filters are cheaper by $10 to $70.

    The countertop replacement cartridges are also cheaper than under counter replacement cartridges.

Choosing The Best Countertop Water Filter

Before you go ahead and buy a counter top filter, there are several factors that you should take into consideration.

  • Price. Countertop water filters will range in price from $10 to $100. The cheapest counter top filters on the market include Brita, PUR and Culligan.

    These brands are so small that sometimes they are referred to as faucet filters because they don't take up any space on the counter.

    For most countertop filter systems, the price will range from $20 to $90

    A more expensive countertop filter on the market is Aquasana. Priced for about $80, Aquasana's counter top water filter system is ranked number one and is worth every dollar.

  • Gallons per water cartridge filter. PUR offers 100 gallons per filter cartridge and Aquasana offers 500 gallons per cartridge.

    With a 100 gallon cartridge, you may have to replace your filter cartridge every 4 to 6 weeks while with a 500 gallon cartridge it’s roughly every 6 months.

    It really depends on your budget and convenience.

  • Contaminants Removed. It’s very important that any countertop filter system that you choose removes as many contaminants at highest rate possible.

    when it comes to filtration, there is a big difference between a 98% and a 99% removal rate.

    You should know which contaminants you want removed and ensure that the counter top water filter manufacture is certified in removing those contaminants.

    Contaminants should include lead, mercury, chlorine, VOC's, THM's, bacteria, Bad taste, bad odour and many more.

  • Size. Don't choose a counter top filter that will take up too much space on the counter top.

    You will still need space on your countertop whether it is your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

    If counter space is limited, choosing a small counter top filter is best but ensures that it is effective. If you choose a larger effective countertop system, ensure that it is more effective than a smaller countertop filter.

Our Recommendation

The counter top filter that you choose should be based on your needs and not what you want.

How much water do you drink? What is your budget? What impurities do you want removed? Is chlorine the main target? Will you be using the water for drinking only or will the water be used for cleaning, cooking and washing?

You must take into consideration all these questions along with the tips that we just gave you about how to choose a counter top system.

Based on the factors that we listed above, if we had to buy one counterop filter filter we would invest in an Aquasana counter top system.

We know that people may feel that we have a bias opinion towards Aquasana but when a product is one of the best on the market you can't deny facts and overwhelming positive reviews.

We like Aquasana because of the gallons per cartridge(500), removal rate (99%), durability, gallons per dollar and most importantly the number of contaminants that are removed.

After we made our choice , we even found this website that compared all the "top" countertop water filters. Well....take a look for yourself but me sure to return.

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