Culligan Water Filters
A Review Of Culligan Filter Systems

Culligan water filters are some of the most popular filtration systems on the market.

The parent company, Culligan, actually started in 1936 by Emmett Culligan. Since then, Culligan water filters have been known all over the world.

Culligan offers one of the most diversified lines of water filters on the market. They offer whole house filters, counter top filters, water coolers, shower filters and under sink filters. So chances are Culligan has a water filter to meet your needs regardless of size or price.

We will now examine the different types of Culligan filters

Why Choose Culligan Water Filters?

culligan water filters

You save with Culligan because all of their water filters offer clean and filtered water for only a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

But it is not their complete line of water filters that make them special but the unique style of filtration that they use.

Culligan uses a combination of reverse osmosis and carbon filtration that allows the filter systems to eliminate as many contaminants at a higher percentage than other brand water filters.

What we particularly like is that Culligan offers over ten (10) types of additional filter cartridges that can remove specific contaminants.

These additional cartridges will remove harmful impurities like arsenic, radium, lead, aesthetic, chlorine and more.

With Culligan water filters, you will never feel alone.Culligan has over 700 dealers worldwide and even more technicians that are more than willing to assist you with just about everything surrounding your Culligan filter.

For an extra cost, your Culligan technician will handle all maintenance issues such as installation, check-ups and filter changes. You never have to worry about maintaining your Culligan filter. All you have to do is use the filtered and pure water supplied by your Culligan water filter.

Let's take a look at the several types of Culligan filters on the market.

Types Of Culligan Water Filters

Culligan Whole House Water Purification Systems

Culligan Whole House Water purifiers will protect your entire home from dangerous contaminants. In addition, they will protect your household plumbing, your water softener, your washing machine, your water heater and your other household appliances.

The Culligan whole house water system is perfect for homes or businesses that require large volumes of filtered water.

This filter is particularly good at reducing the levels of sediments, chlorine, bad taste and odor in your water.

You will find that Culligan whole house filtration systems can be used on farms, in swimming pools and in private wells.

Surprisingly, a Culligan 4 heavy duty sediment replacement cartridge cost less than $20 and carries a 12,000 gallon capacity which is enough for roughly 3 months.

Culligan Countertop Water Filters

The faucet mount filters are easy to install and mounts directly on your existing faucet.

Installation literally takes less than 30 seconds. You have the option of switching from filtered water to unfiltered water by pulling a small lever.

The Culligan faucet mount filter removes cysts, lead, chlorine, cryptosporidium, bad taste and odor.

Culligan faucet mount filters have a 200 gallon capacity and is available with a 5 year warranty.

The cartridges usually lasts 3 to 6 months and you will easily find replacement cartridges in major stores or online.

For less than $20, this NSF certified filter is one of the best faucet filters around.

Culligan Under Sink Water Filter

If you want a more advanced drinking water filter, you have to look at Culligan under sink water filters.

Culligan under sink water filters effectively reduce VOC's, MTBE, Cysts, Lead, sediments, chlorine, Mercury and many more.

The filter cartridges generally lasts 500 gallons or 6 months.

Installation is not as difficult as you may think especially if a hole is already in your counter.

This NSF certified under sink water filter will cost you less than $80 online. As it relates to cost per unit against gallons per cartridge, this is one of the best cost effective under sink filters on the market.

Culligan Shower Water Filter

Culligan offers several shower filters on the market but they all serve the same purpose of purifying your water so that your showers will be healthier and more enjoyable.

All Culligan shower heads and filters reduce over 99% of chlorine as well as reduce sulfur and odor.

These NSF certified Culligan shower filters are so easy to install that they don't require any tools.

The five (5) stage setting allows you to set your spray setting level and style to suit your needs.

With a cartridge capacity of 10,000 gallons and a 5 year warranty, you have nothing to lose by trying this shower filter. In fact, the units range from $15 to $30 with the most expensive one sold with a massage feature.

Culligan Refrigerator and Ice Dispenser Filter

For only $12, Culligan has designed a refrigerator filter that reduces the bad taste and odor in your water.

Unlike most refrigerator water filters that last 6 months, Culligan refrigerator filters last 12 months or 2,500 gallons. In fact, for most persons, the 2,500 gallon capacity can last 2 years.

All your beverages will taste better; even your ice will taste better.

Installation is a breeze. Follow the instructions in the manual and ensure that you flush the filter before you start drinking the water.

Culligan Water Coolers

Culligan water coolers are unique water filter systems on the market.

Instead of lifting and using heavy bottles to refill water for your cooler, Culligan uses your existing water supply to continuously supply you with filtered water.

Culligan will test your water and personally customize your water cooler to eliminate the most dangerous impurities.

Culligan water coolers use a combination of sediment filters, carbon filtration and reverse osmosis systems.

These coolers have a 3 temperature changer that lets you adjust the temperature to match your needs.

Culligan Water Pitchers

Culligan water pitchers will have you pouring water all day long. Culligan water filter pitchers are similar to Brita water filter pitchers.

These water filters are small but they are very effective at removing impurities and eliminating bad taste and odor.

The Culligan water pitcher filters have capacities of 50 gallons per replacement cartridge. This is roughly 10 gallons more than other regular water pitchers.

All Culligan water pitchers have a filter change indicator light that lets you know when it’s time to change your filter.

Don't worry about space because Culligan water pitchers can easily fit on the side of your refrigerator door.


Regardless of the Culligan water filter that you choose, you can expect friendly customer service and good maintenance assistance.

The price for some of Culligan water filters may be expensive but what you will really be paying for is the one on one maintenance and durable water filter systems.

Before you decide on a Culligan filter, be sure to read a few reviews below.

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