Culligan Water Softener
Over 70 Years and Counting

A Culligan water softener is one of the first systems that most persons think about when describing the "ultimate water softener system".

Culligan water softeners are not new to the market. In fact, Culligan's history in water treatment dates back to over 70 years.

It is with this experience and dedication combined with expertise that has led Culligan softeners to be among the best water softener systems on the market.

Why Choose A Culligan Softener System?

Culligan is known worldwide. You are guaranteed to receive good customer service regardless of where you are located in the world.

They have over 700 dealers in North America alone. Moreover, Culligan has representatives in over 90 countries, so chances are a Culligan dealer is only a few miles away from you.

The demand based regeneration system allows the Culligan water softener to regenerate only when necessary. This saves you time, salt and electricity.

Culligan has what it terms a " Culligan Man" that is always on call and willing to assist you whenever the need arises.

Culligan man is their certified and trained technicians that will always come to your aid for installation, salt delivery, replacement parts, tune-ups, service, performance, testing and just about anything.

With a Culligan water softener, all your appliances will work better. The soft water that Culligan produces clears all pipes and removes scale build up and this prevents appliances such as dish washer, washing machine and water heater from breaking down.

You will instantly feel the difference when you take a shower. Your skin will feel smoother and your hair will look and feel healthier. No more dry skin.

That is because Culligan water softeners remove the excess calcium and magnesium from the water which usually causes dry skin and itchy scalp.

How about using less detergent? With a Culligan softener you save on detergent because the soft water will allow you to use less detergent and cleaning agent to do the same quality of work as before.

You save time, money and energy. Furthermore, your clothes will look brighter and smoother.

Soft water helps to maintain the quality of the original material.

Your shower and tub will no longer be covered in soap scum that usually settles with hard water. Experience the difference with Culligan's soft water.

Culligan has one of the widest ranges of water softener systems available on the market. They offer water softeners from low prices to high prices that are suitable for small applications to large applications.

In fact, Culligan has water softeners to treat almost every level of hard water.

Choosing A Culligan Water Softener

Choosing a Culligan water softener is not as difficult once you know what you want.

To make the choice a bit easier, Culligan technicians will test your water quality and hardness level and advice you as to which Culligan water softener is best for you.

If you are looking for a Culligan water softener that is very effective at softening any type of water, you should look at their high efficiency softener.

The Culligan Platinum and Gold series are the next two top of the line Culligan softeners.

They all come equipped with Culligan's patent technology which basically allows the softener to regenerate when necessary, transmit important information about the performance of the softener and give you more control over the softener.

The Platinum and Gold series are quite expensive.

If you want to install your water softener outside your home, then you should look into buying the Culligan medalist but if you are looking for a combination of water softener and a water filter.

Then Culligan total home should be your best choice.

Travelers and on-the-go persons would prefer the Culligan soft water exchange program and if you require consistent large supply of soft water, you should really consider the Culligan Twin tank softener.

Overall, it depends on the purpose of the water softener. When you deal with Culligan water softener dealers, they will be better able to assist you in making the best decision.

But before you go out and commit to a Culligan softener, ensure that you check other water softener brands for better prices.

Brief Review of Culligan water Softeners

Culligan High Efficiency Softeners

This softener is like no other. It alerts you when your salt level is low and even lets you customize your water softness level.

With the Culligan HE softener, you save as much as 46% on energy costs.

A built in aqua sensor technology will let your dealer know when your salt level is low and if your softener needs servicing.

The Culligan HE system is so advanced that as time goes by the system automatically adjusts to the right level of softness that you are accustomed to.

Culligan Platinum Plus Series

Certified by the Water Quality Association, the Platinum series ensures that soft water continuously flows through your pipes.

The platinum series has the largest tank size and this allows the softener to store a lot of water and regenerate fewer times.

Culligan Gold Series

These water softeners are perfect for small to large families. They have a large enough tank that will supply you with water for a long time.

Just like the Platinum series, the Gold series is designed with an advanced technology that lets you have more control over your softener system.

You will know when your salt is low and when your water softener needs servicing. In fact, this series allows the softener to regenerate only when necessary.

Culligan Medallist Series

Would you like to install your Culligan softener outside your home or your business?

The Medalist series is available as an outdoor system. This is primarily for the persons with limited space to accommodate a water softener system inside their home.

Designed with no corrosive material the medallist water softeners will last a very long time.

Just like the Platinum and Gold series, the medallist series delivers a very good water flow rate and ensures that your water softener regenerates when necessary.

Culligan Total Home System

This is like a combination of a water softener and a water filter.

The Total Home System softens your water and eliminates chlorine and other contaminants that contribute to bad taste and odor.

The large tank size ensures that you and your family will always have soft water.

The aqua sensor technology allows for maximum efficiency during regeneration and combines the right amount of water and salt to effectively regenerate effectively.

Culligan Soft- Minder Twin

If you are looking for a water softener that will forever supply you with soft water, you should look at the Soft Minder twin.

The twin-tank construction is built with the capacity to hold twice as much water as other series.

Not only does this series carry a twin tank, it also tackles the problem of extremely hard water.

If you like the platinum or gold series, you can customize either series with a twin tank to allow continuous supply of water.

Culligan Soft Water Exchange Program

Imagine receiving soft water without owning a water softener? Culligan has made this possible with their one of a kind Soft Water Exchange Program.

There is no system to install so no electricity, no salt or no installation. Culligan technicians will deliver soft water whenever you need it.

This is perfect for persons who travel and require soft water.

There is never any salt or discharge of salt in or around your residence.

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