Culligan Whole House Water Filters
Seven (7) Types Of Whole House Systems

Your search for a whole house filter is not complete without looking at Culligan whole house water filters.

Culligan whole house water filters are not only designed to filter sediments and chlorine, they also tackle individual problems that you may have with your water.

In addition to reducing the levels of sediments and chlorine in your water, Culligan offers seven (7) types of whole house water filter systems that will address high levels of specific problems in your water such as arsenic, hydrogen sulphide and iron.

All these whole house water filter systems use a combination of filtration mediums which include a carbon filter and a reverse osmosis filter.

Culligan whole house water filters not only target sediments but a wide range of contaminants. It’s like having sediment filter combined with a drinking filter the only difference is that your entire house will be supplied with fresh filtered water.

We will now briefly review a few Culligan whole house filtration systems.

Culligan Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Culligan is one of the few companies with several whole house water filters, each with a different purpose but with one goal and that is to properly filter your water.

Let's take a brief look at a few of Culligan's whole house water filters.

Culligan Arsenic Whole House Filter

This whole house water filter system is certified by W.Q.A. to eliminate arsenic at a high percentage from your water.

A high level in Arsenic can lead to cancer and even death. With this filter you will feel better knowing that your family is safe from the dangerous risk of Arsenic.

Culligan Gold Series

The Culligan Gold Series is the ultimate series. The gold series uses a multi- stage filtration system to clean and purify your water.

If you are experiencing chlorine and sediment problems, then you should look into buying this unit.

The problems of sediments and chlorine are tackled , as well as, bad taste, bad odour , cloudy water and acidic water.

Chances are your water is very acidic if it appears red. When water is too acidic the water eats away at the pipes in your plumbing system.

This series also has the largest tank size of all the models, so you can always have purified water stored.

Culligan Medallist Series

Contains three main filter mediums with different purposes but with the same goal of purifying your water.

Firstly, the Filter-Cleer filter eliminates a high percentage of sediments. Sediments can block your pipes and make your water cloudy, among other health issues.

Then the Culligan filter targets chlorine , bad taste and bad odor. Chlorine is good at disinfecting water but it is not healthy to consume.

Finally, the Culligan filter prevents scale build up in fixtures and plumbing. Your entire plumbing system will operate better, as a result, all your appliances will operate much more effectively.

Iron Cleer Whole House Filter

Significantly reduces the iron level in your water. Iron is actually beneficial in your water but too much iron in your water can actually stain your laundry with a reddish brown colour.

The Iron Cleer filter actually reduces hydrogen sulphide which is not good for you. This is done by a one of a kind twin tank system.

Sulphur Cleer Culligan Filter

This filter system is perfect if your water contains too much hydrogen sulphide. Hydrogen sulphide is most common because it can give an unpleasant smell from your water.

Well this sulphur cleer whole house filter will eliminate the bad odour from your water.

This whole house filter targets this problem and eliminates it before it reaches your residence.

Total Home System

The Total Home System is a combination of Culligan filters with culligan's water softener technology to offer you their best whole house filter on the market.

For the person looking for a water softener and a water filter, the Total home System may be for you.

You will enjoy the benefits of soft water and sediment free water.

Portable Home System

With this option, you can experience the whole house filter effects without having to own your own filter.

No electricity and no filter cartridges to change. You save money because you don't buy a unit, no electricity and no installation.

Enjoy the benefits of filtered water without spending hundreds of dollars.

You will have a consistent supply of water delivered to you.

Overall, when it relates to addressing individual concerns with iron, sulphur and arsenic in water, Culligan whole house water filters must be considered.

For some persons the initial cost may be too high and you may be tempted to choose a more affordable whole house water filter system like Aquasana Rhino whole house water filter.

Whatever the case, do your due diligence before you buy a unit.

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