Cuno Water Filters
A Known Name In The Filtration Industry

Cuno water filters are special. What makes Cuno filters so special is the fact that there is a water filter for every industry.

They offer water filters in several sectors such as electronics, industrial, speciality membranes, engineered products, healthcare, food and beverage, commercial and residential.

Charles Cuno started the company in 1912 with a focus on automobile products. The filtration sector became the primary focus between the 1960's to the 1980's.

In 2005, Cuno filters got more advanced when the CUNO brand was acquired by 3M. The combination of Cuno's engineering and 3M's innovation has led to a more complete and advanced level of filtration and softener products on the market.

For instance, their whole house water filter systems are mainly for reducing sediments in the water. They do not tackle other smaller contaminants in the water that may harm our health.

Today, Cuno is known worldwide and currently has over 8 manufacturing plants in Brazil, Europe, Japan Australia and United States.

Most of Cuno home water filter products are carried under the "Aqua Pure" line. A replacement cartridge is the most popular product under the line.

Cuno Replacement Cartridges

The Cuno replacement cartridge is unique because of its layer structure. The Cuno cartridges have several layers, unlike a few other cartridges on the market.

Each layer's membrane is thinner than the one before. This technique allows for maximum penetration of the liquid, as a result, your water will be healthier for you and your family.

A replacement cartridge usually last between 4 to 6 months. You may have to change the cartridges sooner based on water consumption and water quality.

A major concern about Cuno filters is that their systems and replacement cartridges are relatively more expensive than other brands on the market that perform the same or even better.

Cuno filters don't remove as many contaminants or at a high percentage as other leading water filters on the market such as Aquasana, Culligan and Multipure.

For example, Cuno water filters remove 95% of Lead and 92% of carcinogens. This is quite low compared to other filters with a 99% removal rate.

Another concern is that even though Cuno water filters are well known and respected on the market, they still fall short of a complete home filtration system.

Cuno had seized the manufacturing of whole house systems but they continue to manufacture whole house filter cartridges.

Cuno filters are more popular in the commercial and industrial industries than the home purification industry.

A Cuno filter is perfect for the person who wants the basic job done of removing sediments and some bad odor and tastes.

Cuno Water Filters Reviews

Food and Beverage

This sector includes beer, wine, soft drinks, bottled water, spirits, sweeteners and more. Cuno is able to filter these beverages and make them pure and tasteful for consumption.

Cuno water filter products, especially their reverse osmosis systems, are designed to increase the lifespan of your equipment and make your beverages taste better.

People in the food and beverage industry know that the quality and appearance of beverages are very important when it comes to customer satisfaction. Your beverages will taste and look better to your customers.

One such beverage that Cuno focuses on is a coffee. Di you know that chlorine can adversely change the taste of your coffee.

Residential Water Filters

Cuno offers several point-of-use water filter systems which include under sink and shower filters. These residential filter systems reduce sediments,chlorine taste and odor.

Cuno also focuses on water treatment products that tackle arsenic, acid content and more.

Industrial Water Filters

This area focuses on filtration products for petrochemical, gas, electronics and paint.

The industrial industry requires the best quality products and Cuno aims to deliver that with their industrial filters.

Oil and gas Cuno specializes in liquid filtration such as hydro treating and glycol dehydration.

If you are interested in buying Cuno water filters, you will have to call or visit one of their many dealers.

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