Dean Kamen Water Purifier
This Slingshot Can Purify Any Water

Dean Kamen water purifier, the slingshot, is one of the most hyped water purification systems ever.

Perhaps this is because of what it promises to do and who is making the promise.

Dean Kamen is no stranger to innovations and his water purifier system promises to provide clean and pure water regardless of where the water is coming from.

Whether the water source is from chemical waste, poison, ocean or urine, the Dean Kamen Slingshot promises to deliver pure water.

Before we look at the key features of dean Kamen Water Purifier, let us take a brief look at the man behind the latest water purification system.

Dean Kamen Water Purifier

Brief History Of Dean Kamen Inventions

To understand where Dean Kamen is going with the slingshot, you have to look at his past inventions.

Dean Kamen water purifier was not his first invention.

He started at the tender age of 20, when his brother, a medical student, realized that there was a problem of consistently giving medication to patients.

That led Dean to invent the first drug infusion pump. That invention led to many more in the medical field before Dean branched out.

Mr. Kamen is best known for the Segway PT, which is a human transporter.

The Segway would operate based on body movement and has designed to let the user control their movements.

Then there is also the Sterling Engine. A unique generator that can be operated by manure, coal or grass clippings for fuel.

Dean Kamen is also the co-inventor of a compressed air power device that would quickly lift any police or emergency personnel to a higher level as quickly as possible.

The slingshot came about because Dean saw the problems that people, especially lower income and third world countries, had with accessing pure filtered water.

The alarming rate at which children and adults were dying of illnesses and diseases because of the lack of clean water troubled Mr. Kamen.

Dean Kamen also had the idea to combine the Sterling Engine with the Slingshot. That way you would save money and energy.

Here is a short video about Mr. kamen

Key Features Of What We Can Expect from Dean Kamen Water Purifier

The slingshot was designed to be much more than a regular water purifier.

Let's now take a look at the key features.

  • The slingshot water purifier will be manufactured to provide up to 1000 liters of clean water a day for up to 100 persons. This is one of the biggest factors because Dean wanted to ensure that the water purifier can supply a large number of persons at once.
  • Imagine being able to filter any water source. We are talking chemicals, ocean, lake, and even poison. Many water purifiers lack the ability to filter any source of water and the slingshot makes up for that.
  • The slingshot uses distillation to purify any water. Distillation is not new but the fact that Dean Kamen Water Purifiers only use 2% of energy as a traditional water purifier would is incredible.
  • Imagine not having to change any filter, charcoal or disposable filter medium? That is what the water purifier by Dean Kamen will offer. Nothing to change it just operates through distillation.
  • Worried about the weight? This water purifier only weighs 60 pounds. For a water purifier that can supply so much water with so little energy, the weight is very good.
  • The Slingshot can be combined with the sterling generator, which is also by Dean. The Sterling Engine is an energy saving generator. When the Slingshot combines with the sterling engine, the Slingshot only requires half the heat (450 watts) to boil the water that is used in the purification process.

What Are The Critics Saying About Dean Kamen's Slingshot?

The water purifier by Dean Kamen has been getting a lot of mixed reviews by water purifier experts and potential consumers.

The main concern is the price. It costs tens of thousands to build one unit and experts are wondering if Dean can offer one unit for his target price of $1,000 to $2,000. His initial price is said to be $3,000 but already people are complaining of the high price.

Mr. Kamen believes that with mass production, he can get one unit down to $1,000. This would be a good price, especially for his target group of persons with extremely low income and very poor water quality.

Critics are also skeptical that if the Dean Kamen purifier can purify any water source as promised.

Tests have been done on a few water sources but not all. One such source that has not been tested is gasoline.

For the moment, it is up to Dean to prove his critics wrong. Already, the hype is in his favor. If he can mass produce the Slingshot, provide the portable purification system at a good rate, and live up to its high standards, there shouldn't be a problem with them becoming popular very fast.

The cost may seem high to an individual but not to a person with a good financial ground who might purchase it for a village or a group of persons.

Remember that the Slingshot was designed for large groups of persons with little money and water unfit to consume.

Overall, the Dean Kamen water purifier is another great invention by Dean. It is only left to see if when it is launched, if it will live up to its expectations.

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