Espring Water Purifier
One Of A Kind Purification System

An Espring water purifier is like no other. It uses a one of a kind purification process.

The combination of carbon filters with ultraviolet light ensures the removal of over 140 contaminants including over 99% of bacteria and viruses.

Espring water purifiers are available in both below the counter and counter top designs.

An Espring purifier is known as one of the best water purification systems but to understand why you will have to look at their technology.

Why Are Espring Water Purifiers Rated Among The Best?

Besides being very popular, Espring purifiers are rated among the best because of performance and satisfaction.

An Espring water purifier has a one of a kind purification system that uses a combination of patented carbon block filter with ultraviolet light and an electronic monitoring system.

This combination process allows for a full penetration and then removal of bad contaminants. In fact, Espring purifiers kill 99.99% of waterborne, disease-causing bacteria and viruses in drinking water.

The result is purer water that is cheaper than bottled water and healthier than tap water.

Another reason why Espring water purifiers are so loved is the fact that they will effectively remove lead, THMs and more than 140 bad contaminants from your water.

The purification system will remove lead, mercury, waterborne parasites and many more. Espring does all this while keeping good minerals such as calcium, magnesium and fluoride.

This purifier does not make claims about their performance. They have the proof. Espring carbon/UV purification system meets three well known water quality standards.

They satisfy the NSF 42, 53 and 55 international standards for good water quality, as well as, the removal of numerous contaminants with their carbon UV purifier systems.

Espring water purifier is not only effective at purifying municipal water but also well water and bore water.

So for the persons that are worried about the quality of their well water, Espring can be used as an effective well water purifier.

Even though it is suitable for well and bore water, it should not be used on lake or river water.

How Does An Espring Water Purifier Work?

Espring water purification systems use a combination of patented carbon-block filter with ultraviolet light and an electronic monitoring system.

They use carbon filtration because most contaminants in tap water are attracted to carbon and this allows for easy removal.

VOCs, THMs, Pesticides and their by products are all attracted to carbon.

The carbon is first activated by a heating process that allows the pores to open. The opening of the pores allows for greater attraction of bad contaminants.

A pressed carbon block filter is formed. The larger surface makes way for many contaminants to be pulled out of your water.

After a while, the effectiveness of the filter cartridge is reduced. When this occurs, you will need to buy a new Espring water purifier replacement cartridge.

The ultraviolet light technology is used to kill all microorganisms that the carbon filter cannot.

Located inside the cartridge is a UV bulb that generates up to 80 millijoules of UV light that kills bacteria and viruses inside your water.

This UV bulb is also energy saving because it is only activated when your water is on.

When you turn on your tap for water, an electromagnetic connection instantly turns on the UV bulb .

The final piece of the purification process is the monitor technology. The monitor technology will basically let you know when your carbon filter needs to change or when you need a different UV bulb.

You will receive both an audio and visual notification so you never have to worry about remembering when to change the bulb or the filter.

What is also impressive about the monitor technology is that it automatically resets whenever you insert a new or used water filter and it calculates the lifespan based on usage.

The carbon filter removes most contaminants then the ultraviolet light eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses and the monitor assembly ensures that your filter and bulb are working and you are receiving pure water.

Brief Review Of Espring Water Purifiers

Espring countertop water purifier - This is the ideal counter top water purification system for your home.

Suitable for a family of six, the Espring countertop purification system will give you 1,320 gallons of water before you will need a replacement cartridge.

This is enough purified water to last your entire family for a full year.

The Espring countertop weighs 20 pounds and is manufactured in the U.S.A. The system removes over 140 contaminants while improving the taste and odour of your water.

The purification combination makes it a favourite among families. All Espring counter tops are NSF certified for water quality.

The Espring countertop will run you anywhere from $325 to 360 online. Be sure to shop around for the best price.

The other purification system offered is the Espring water purifier below the counter

This system fits neatly under your kitchen sink.

Even though it is larger than traditional under counter water purifiers, it is designed to fit under small sinks.

The parts for the Espring below the counter purifier are durable and easy to locate should you need to change them.

Also with the capability to purify up to 1,320 before a cartridge change, this system by Espring is suitable for one to six persons.

Larger families may use this system as well, they may just need to change the water purifier cartridge before the recommended one year period.

With a price tag of roughly $300, the "Below The Counter" purifier is well worth the price, especially when you think about the result of pure filtered water.

Remember that the Below the Counter water purification system will kill over 99% of bacteria and viruses in your water.

Installation is easy and you even have a digital display that let's you know your filter cartridge lifespan.

The Espring Countertop and Below the Counter water purifiers are two of the best water purifiers around when it comes to purifying bad potable water to great potable water.

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