Fluoride Water Filters
Removes Excess Fluoride From Your Water

Fluoride water filters eliminate excess fluoride from your water.

For years it was thought that keeping fluoride in your water will benefit you.

The truth is, fluoride is good at preventing tooth decay.

Most water companies add fluoride to their water supply to treat the water and prevent tooth decay.

The recommended concentration level of fluoride can range from 1.5 to 2.5 mg/L.

Anything above that can damage your tooth structure.

The problem is that the concentration level of fluoride varies in water supply. Before you go out and buy a fluoride water filter, test your water’s fluoride concentration level.

Too much fluoride can be harmful. Remember that we already receive fluoride from vegetables, nuts and fruits.

Do You Need A Fluoride Water Filter?

Fluoride water filters may come in the form of countertop, refrigerator, under sink and whole house water filters.

Not all filters remove fluoride. Some will even tell you that they leave good substances in your water such as “fluoride".

The problem is not that fluoride is in the water but that there may be too much fluoride in the water.

Unlike your regular residential water filters, fluoride filters don't use carbon filters.

Boiling water will not remove fluoride. It will only concentrate it.

Let’s now take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of fluoride in your water.

Advantages Of Fluoride In Your Water

  • Prevents early development of tooth decay. Tooth decay is painful and unhealthy among children. Fluoride is useful in preventing tooth decay.
  • Fluoride is a mineral. Fluoride is not only helpful in preventing tooth decay but also helpful in developing your bones.
  • Protects the hard coating around your teeth. This hard coating prevents bacteria from entering and damaging your tooth.

Disadvantages Of Fluoride In The Water

  • May cause dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis may occur when a child receives too much fluoride during child development. This condition is common among children between the ages of 1 to 4 years old.
  • May also cause stomach pain. Stomach pains can be very painful.
  • A few doctors have linked fluoride to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Makes you feel nausea.

Major Ways To Remove Fluoride From Your Water

There are two major ways to remove fluoride from your water:

  1. Reverse osmosis water filters. They work by pushing water through a semi membrane that actually blocks fluoride from passing through. The water free from fluoride is gathered on the other side of the membrane.

    This filter system removes other contaminants as well as fluoride.

    A reverse osmosis fluoride water filter is usually installed under the counter or under your sink.

    You will find that the prices for these systems will run you a few hundred dollars.

  2. Activated Alumina Cartridge is another way to remove fluoride from your water.

    This method is less expensive than the reverse osmosis method.

    Unlike your reverse osmosis water filter system, the activated alumina Cartridge is installed on your counter top.

    Prices will range from $25 to $100.

Buying Fluoride Filters Will Save You A Lot Of Money

  • Prevents dental fluorosis. Dental fluorosis causes your teeth to brown.
  • We already intake sufficient fluoride from vegetables and fruits.
  • Other problems caused by high intake of fluoride include risk of cancer, bone fluorosis and reproduction problems.
  • Remember dental costs are increasing and it is much cheaper to buy a water filter that can remove fluoride.
  • Children at a young age are prone to this. This is not good especially when they are growing up.

  • It is not only linked to dental problems but also sickness such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Fluoride water filters are important in removing excess fluoride in the water that can harm our health.

Fluoride Water Filter Reviews

We will now take a look at two fluoride filters. One is a counter top filter and the other is for outdoor travelling.

Crystal Quest Fluoride Countertop Water Filter

With this water filter, your water will go through eight stages of filtration; in fact, there is a stage that is geared towards removing fluoride from your water.

The second stage of the eight stage filtration process is the fluoride removal stage. In this stage a fine mesh is used to eliminate fluoride from your water.

The Crystal Quest fluoride filter cartridge will last for 1,500 gallons before requiring a replacement.

With a 1,500 gallon capacity, the fluoride cartridge will last between 12 to 18 months.

Remember that for only $120 you can buy this eight stage filtration system that weighs only twelve pounds.

Big Berkey Fluoride Filter

The Big Berkey water filter is one of the most popular outdoor and travelling water filters on the market.

Persons who are looking to remove fluoride can now use a Big Berkey filter wherever they go.

Big Berkey filters are now offered with two fluoride filters that target fluoride in your water.

We known that the Big Berkey filter is quite expensive at $300 but when a filtration system can remove food colouring from water and give you pure water, we say that it is worth the price.

If you already own a Berkey water filter, you can purchase two fluoride filters for $50.

Please ensure that you properly wash and clean the filter system after every use. This will go a long way in properly maintaining your filter system.

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