GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter

by Elton

I was so glad to find out that GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter was compatible with my side by side refrigerator. Now my water tastes much better and i have crystal clear ice.

If you want the GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter cheap, buy it in packs of twos or threes. I always buy in packs of twos so i don’t have to buy anymore until the next year.

The GE MSWF Refrigerator Filter is not one of the cheapest refrigerator filters on the market ($39) but it is very effective at getting rid of the bad chlorine taste and odor which i dislike so much. Not only does it remove chlorine but other contaminants. This filter is NSF and ANSI certified.

Buy the GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter on amazon because it is the cheapest there. Amazon is also known for prompt delivery.

Installation is pretty easy. My 13 year old kid did it. He just twisted the old one anti-clockwise and removed then inserted the new one and twisted it in clockwise. Remember to flush the new filter with about 2 to 3 gallons of water before your start drinking it. When you change the old filter cartridge, you will notice all the dirt that it collects. You won’t believe it.

My filter lasts about 6 to 7 months on average. I have a family of three and we do drink a lot of water.

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Mar 28, 2011
Low Water Flow and Bad Tasting Water
by: Robyn

After installing the GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter, my water flow rate is very low and my water taste awful.

I know i installed the GE MWF filter correctly but my water taste awful and my water flow is less than 20% of what it was before installation.

The price is good but I?m not satisfied.

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