GE Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
Known For Attacking Water Problems

GE reverse osmosis water filters are known worldwide for addressing problems in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

GE offers several series of reverse osmosis systems such as Profile, Smart-water, and Merlin.

General Electric reverse osmosis water filters remove all contaminants that are smaller than a water molecule by pushing the water through a semi permeable membrane.

All the dirt, cysts, sediments, some contaminants and some bacteria are removed from the water leaving you with one of the purest water that you can imagine.

Let's now take a look at the benefits and the drawbacks of reverse osmosis systems by GE.

Advantages of GE Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

  • GE offers one of the widest ranges of reverse osmosis water systems for almost every type of application. They offer reverse osmosis systems for residential, commercial, petrochemical plants, sea water, beverage production and waste water systems. These different types of water filters are designed to give you better results in the application with which you use them. In other words, you will experience maximum productivity because the reverse osmosis system that you choose would have been geared towards your specific needs.
  • GE offers high-performance reverse osmosis water systems. GE does not just offer reverse osmosis systems, they offer good quality and high-performance systems that are manufactured to give you the best results.
  • When you buy a GE reverse osmosis system, you will get all the parts such as pumps, membrane, controls, piping, and filters. No need to spend any additional money to buy any extra parts to have your water system working. Everything is included in one price.
  • No need to worry about chlorine, sediments, and bacteria affecting the membrane's performance because GE uses special chemicals to treat the membrane once it starts operating. Chlorine can affect the performance of the filter membrane but GE ensures that the effects are reduced by using special chemicals to build the membrane and also allow the membrane to operate at a higher standard.
  • If it becomes necessary to change or repair any part of your General Electric reverse osmosis filter, ensure that you buy the original part. The GE logo is usually imprinted on the original replacement part. This allows for maximum performance and extended warranty.
  • GE ensures quick delivery when you order directly from them. GE's customer service agents will gladly assist you with tracking the delivery of your reverse osmosis water system.
  • Installation is easy. In fact, GE reverse smartwater osmosis systems are delivered ready to use. No need to assembly the system. All you have to do is plug in and play.

Drawbacks Of GE Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

  • The truth is, the GE reverse osmosis water filters for residential purposes are not the most effective on the market.

    The GE smartwater reverse osmosis water filter has a 0.5 to 1 micron level. Compared to other reverse osmosis water systems on the market, this reverse osmosis system is not very effective at removing contaminants from the water such as bacteria and viruses.

  • The GE smartwater reverse osmosis water filter system removes good minerals from the water that are beneficial to your health. This is a typical characteristic of reverse osmosis water filters.

Quick Review Of GE Reverse Osmosis Systems For Industrial Applications

GE E-Series Reverse Osmosis

This series is suitable for small industrial applications such as a car wash, a small power plant or a small restaurant.

The E-series purifies your water and removes contaminants, solids and scales that would otherwise increase production costs and affect the day to day operations.

A perfect example would be a car wash. This system would remove scale from pipes resulting in the use of less cleaning agents to wash vehicles.

GE Hero Series Reverse Osmosis System

The Hero series by GE was designed to provide super clean and pure water to water treatment applications.

What is impressive with this particular series is that it uses three (3) different methods to effectively purify your water before using reverse osmosis.

To lessen the hardness, cation exchange is used and degasification is used to remove scale build up. The third method is to increase the pH level to achieve better operational results.

The GE Hero series utilizes less space than your traditional reverse osmosis system; furthermore, it is guaranteed to reduce operational costs from 15% to 20%.

GE Triple Membrane System

The triple membrane system by GE provides the best results by GE for water treatment.

In order to provide a high level of purification, GE uses a combination of ultra filtration, reverse osmosis and electro deionization technologies.

This combination allows for a thorough purification of any liquid form.

In fact, this triple membrane filtration is safer to the environment than most other systems.


If you are looking for a reverse osmosis water filter for use primarily outside of a residential purpose, you should consider GE reverse osmosis systems.

Even though GE reverse osmosis water filters are good at purifying your water at home, they should not be your first choice when considering removing a high percentage of contaminants at home.

General Electric reverse osmosis systems are designed to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase revenue in industrial applications.

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