GE Water Softener
 Tackling Hard Water Problems

A GE water softener will effectively transform your hard water into soft water for your family.

With varying grain capacity and great efficiency, General Electric salt water softeners will make your water softer and better for everyday use.

GE water softeners have carried on the great tradition of General Electric appliances by manufacturing quality and efficient products.

With a GE Softener, your linen will require less detergent to clean and your bathroom will be easier to clean because of no scale build up .

GE appliances are available online and in stores. The best store to look for a GE water softener is at Home Depot . They currently stock all models of GE water softeners.

Using a General Electric water softener will prevent scale build up in faucets, pipes, appliances and water heaters.

The less scale that builds up, the more effective your appliances will operate.

GE Water SoftenerGE Water Softener System

Main Features Of GE Water Softeners

Let’s get right into the key features.

  1. Easy to install. All parts needed to install the water softener are included with your purchase of the water softener. You save money by not purchasing additional parts to install your softener.
  2. General Electric softeners offer a "days -to-empty" feature. With the “days-to-empty” feature, a display light will let you know when less than 15 days’ worth of salt is remaining in the tank and thus tells you when it’s time to refill.This feature eliminates the stress of trying to remember or constantly checking your salt level.
  3. General Electric water softeners large tanks reduce the number of times you will need to refill the tank with salt. Most models can store up to 200 pounds of salt. That's a lot of space to store your salt and avoid refills. GE even goes on to state that their water softeners use up to 60 per cent less salt than conventional softeners.
  4. GE softeners offer a smart technology that studies your water needs and automatically programs your softener to match your needs.No need to worry about wasting water when you are on vacation or away for the weekend. General Electric smart technology saves water and energy.
  5. Water softeners each comes with a valve that allows you to use soft or hard water for other things such as washing your car or watering your lawn. This way you save money and water because you only use soft water when you need it.
  6. With a low- wattage transformer that uses 35 % less energy; you don't have to worry about a high electricity bill. Ge softeners save money and reduce energy usage.

What Should You Do If Your GE Water Softener Needs Repair?

GEneral Electric Water Softener and FilterGEneral Electric Water Softener and Filter

If you think that your GE water softener softener needs repair , the first thing you should do is contact a GE representative from their customer service department.

Before you contact them, you should ensure that you know two things:

  1. What model GE water softener you have? If you are not sure, you can check your manual or look at the back of the softener for the model number.
  2. Check for sounds or irregularities because you will need to explain the problem that you are experiencing.

You should be able to identify what you think the problem is and if you need a repair man or if you can conduct water softener troubleshooting exercises.

It can save you money and time because most times the problem can be addressed by you.

When it comes to repairs, remember to double check your warranty for your specific model. Each model carries its own warranty.

There is usually a 1 year warranty on the system and a 10 year warranty on the resin tank.

The longstanding warranty is a good feature because it prevents you from going into your pocket for any repairs to your system.

Review of Six General Electric Water Softeners

GE GXSH39E Grain Water Softener

This particular model has a 39,100 grain capacity, which is large enough for a family of four.

The GE GXSF30H has an indicator light that will let you know the number of days you have remaining before you will need to refill your salt.

In fact, it is one of four models of GE water softeners with 200 pounds of salt capacity.

Consumers love the fact that the efficiency of grains per pound of salt is 5360.

The regeneration time ranges between 134 to 143 minutes and the GE GXSF30H uses approximately 42 gallons of water for regeneration.

This ge softener is to be used for plumbing size up to 1".

GE (GXSF30H) Grain Water Softener

The GE (GXSF30H) weighs 82 pounds and is light grey in colour.

Its efficiency is 5120 grains per pound of salt and a maximum clear water iron reduction ppm of 7.

Regeneration time is 118 minutes and for this process, the water softener uses 27 gallons of water.

The high flow valve ensures that you have a good flow rate of soft water.

GE GXSF18G Grain Water Softener

The GE GXSF18G is the smallest water softener in the group. The height is 30" and the width 14.5", which makes it close to half the size of the other units.

The grain capacity is 18,000 and the salt storage capacity is 138 pounds. The storage is still sufficient for a family of 3.

Weighing only 73 pounds, the GE GXSF18G is the lightest model of the pack.

The efficiency of grains to salt is 4330 and it is capable of a 5 max clear water iron reduction.

Despite its small size, it is built with the indicator light feature that lets you know when it’s time to refill your salt.

Regeneration takes only 80 minutes and it requires 22 gallons of water for this procedure.

GE GNPRS0L Water Softener

The GE GNPRS0L has an electronic touch LCD control type.

This unit has the largest salt storage capacity of 350 pounds.

Plumbing connection can fit up to 1-1/4" and regeneration takes a length 3 hours.

Despite this, it has a service flow rate of 15.2 through its super high flow valve.

This unit is available in gray/ black and comes compact with a daily water tracker.

Preferably for 1-6 persons, the GE GNPRS0L takes up a lot of space. It is best suited for a basement as it is 50" x 14".

GE GNSH45E Grain water Softener

The GE GNSH45E has the largest grain capacity of 45,100. Not only does it have a large grain capacity, but also very efficient.

This efficiency translates into 5350 grains per sound of salt produced at only a 200 pounds salt storage.

An audible alarm and an indicator light let you know that your salt is running low and when exactly you need to refill it.

Regeneration takes a little over 2.5 hours and uses 49 gallons in this process.

Plumbing connection up to 1-1/4".

With a weight of 114 pounds and a measurement of 48"x19", this unit is the largest of all models and requires a lot of space in your house.

GE 40,000 Grain Water Softener

Also built with an indicator light low salt level, this model has a  40,000 grain capacity.

Weighing 99 pounds and with a 3 year electronic monitor warranty, the GE GXSF40H may be just what you are looking for.

It takes 34 gallons and approximately 152 minutes to regenerate your water.

Similarly to the GE GNSH45E, the GXSF40H has a 200 pound salt capacity.

The smartwater feature studies your water pattern and predicts upcoming patterns.

The efficiency level of grains per pound of salt is 5100.

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