Hard Water Filter
Transform Your Hard Water Into Soft Water

A hard water filter is used to replace harder minerals with softer minerals.

In more scientific terms, they work to eliminate metals, salts, calcium and magnesium from your water.

A hard filter system is not your regular filter that removes sediments or sand. In fact, it does not really make your water safer to drink. What it does is make your water "softer".

As a result your clothes will look and feel better, and your hair and skin will be healthier.

If you live in the rural area or anywhere with a great amount of limestone rocks, it is likely that you will need one of these systems.

Similarly to a regular carbon water filter, hard water softener systems require maintenance. The filter cartridges must be changed to remove calcium deposit and to allow the filter system to works perfectly.

From a business point of view, hard water can actually clog your pipe lines and damage your boilers.

How Does A Hard Water Filter Work?

Firstly, they create a chemical change. In this change, sodium chloride (table salt) works as the main ingredient.

Then the sodium chloride stimulates the beads that are made of ion exchange resin inside the filter, and the resin replaces the hard minerals in the water with softer minerals such as sodium or potassium.

When you are shopping around you will also find hard water softener systems for shower heads, for dishwashers, for washing machines and for garden hoses.

What Are The Advantages Of A Filter For Hard Water ?

  • Eliminates build-up of deposits on faucets, in pipes, in tea kettles and water heaters.

  • Your hair will be healthier. Your hair will feel softer because of the fewer minerals in your water. Softer water is the solution.

  • Your clothes will be easier to wash ,as well as, your dishes. When you wash your clothes in softer water, a lot more of the soap is removed from your clothes which helps your clothes to retain its original texture.

  • Your skin won't seem dry and it will be non-itchy. You will actually save money from buying medication to treat your dry or itchy skin. We all know that dry skin can be embarrassing and itchy skin is very uncomfortable.

What Are The Disadvantages ?

  • It does not remove bacteria or chemical in your water. Bacteria and chemical are difficult to remove from water. Only a few water filters can remove most bacteria from your water. Hard filters don’t focus on removing bacteria and chemicals. Hard filters focus on softening your water.

  • To have the best drinking water, hard filters should be used with a water purifier. The combination of a water filter and a water softener works best. You will have soft filtered water.

Hard Water Filter Versus Water Purifier

Most times people try to compare a hard water filter with a water purifier.

Actually, they should not be compared. Instead, they should be used collectively.

Hard water softener systems will make your water softer and easier to use, while a water purifier eliminates contaminants, bacteria and virus.

We would say that a water purifier is a higher necessity than a hard water filter but if they work collectively, your water will be better than using just a water purifier.

Use the water purifier on your water then use a water softener to make your water softer.

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