How To Filter Water?
Learn the Five Best Ways

How to filter water? That's a question many persons ask right before they decide which water filter to buy.

That is because there are several ways to filter water and you would want to choose the best water filter system that would meet your needs.

It’s good that you want your water filtered but its better when you know how to filter water.

The truth is, some persons buy water filter systems while others make their own water filter systems.

Then there are persons who want a water filter system so that they can drink filtered water, while others want a water filter station system to use in their entire home.

There are five (5) main ways of how to filter water. Let's now take a look at the five (5) ways that water is filtered.

The Five Main Ways How To Filter Water

There are many ways to filter water but we will only take a look at the five 5) most popular ways.

From your Refrigerator

Over the years, this has become one of the most popular ways to filter water. The main reason is that most refrigerators today come equipped with water filters.

The best type of refrigerator water filter will purify the water before it reaches the refrigerator.

That way all the sediments, chlorine, bad taste, bad odour and other by-products would have been removed before they reach the refrigerator.

Another way that a refrigerator water filter works is when the water flows through the filter medium and into the refrigerator filter.

Generally, a refrigerator filter will cost less than $35 online or in major stores.

The filter systems are very easy to install and the replacement cartridges should be chamged every 6 months to a year.

From your Tap

Over the years, filtering water from the tap has become simpler.

You can attach a faucet filter within seconds without the use of a single tool.

Water filters from the tap are available in three forms: counter top, under counter or faucet filters.

Counter top and faucet filters are attached to your faucet. Under counter water filters carry their own faucets and are installed below your faucet.

The process of faucet filtration is simple. The water is filtered right before it leaves the faucet. Only clean and pure filtered water will emerge.

This process occurs instantly and will only take a few seconds.

Faucet water filter systems are available in different sizes, styles, shapes and colours.

Faucet filters are very affordable; in fact, there are faucet filters on the market that are cheaper than refrigerator filters.

Some brands such as PUR and Brita have faucet water purifiers for less than $10.

From A Water Pitcher

Filtering water through a water pitcher is now the most convenient way to filter water. As you pour the water into the top of the container, the water will flow through the dispenser and the filtration process occurs instantly.

When the water passes through the filter cartridge, the water is transformed to clean and filtered water.

The water is saved in the canister and ready for consumption.Water pitchers are lightweight and very easy to operate. If you love to drink a lot of water, this may be the best filtration system for you.

From the Main Water Line

This method is more expensive and a little more detailed than the other ways of how to filter water.

Whole house water filters vary in size, filtration method and cost.

Main water line filtration systems can weigh anywhere from 5 pounds to 100 pounds.

As far as filtration efficiency, some systems offer basic filtration of sediments and bad odor while other systems offer a more detailed purification of chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

Basic whole house filters cost less than $50 while more detailed filtration systems will cost as much as $2,000.

How the water is filtered is simple.

The water filtration system is connected to the main water line, so before the water goes into your pipeline to be dispensed into all the faucets in your home, the water is filtered.

Most times the filtration process carried out by these home water filter systems will use 2 to 5 stages of filtration cycles to effectively filter the water.

Make A Water Filter

When you know how to make your own water filter you are not only making a water filer, you will also save a lot of money while having fun.

The process of making a water filter system is not as difficult and expensive as you may think. To make a water filter you can use sand, gravel and a plastic container to make a water filter.

All you have to do is to pour the water through the mouth of the container and watch the water slowly trickle through the sand and gravel. as the water flows,the sand and the gravel trap large particles and remove a few impurities from the water.

Learning how to make a water filter is the perfect way to demonstrate the process of how to filter water. So before you buy a water filter system, you may want to try making a homemade water filter .

Now that you know how to filter water you will be better able to select the water filter that will match your needs.

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