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Katadyn water filter is the company's best known product. The company was founded in 1928 with the intention to improve portable purified water.

The company's headquarters is located in Switzerland but has grown to include offices in several countries with over 100 employees.

If you are travelling or always “on the go", then a Katadyn water filter is specifically for you.

Why Are Katadyn Water Filters Unique?

If you are hiking, biking, camping or travelling, then you have to consider Katadyn line of products.

They have water filters for one person to a large group of persons. This is one reason why health groups, the military and outdoor lovers always buy these filters.

Katadyn filter prices may be expensive to some consumers but you will definitely get your value for money in terms of performance and sturdiness.

These filtration systems will last for years and in some cases decades. A few of their filters carry a twenty year warranty. You won't find that anywhere else.

The overall design of the filters makes the task of maintenance and installation so easy that you won't need any professional help. There is even a step by step written and video instruction guide online.

Katadyn water filter parts and replacement cartridges are easy to locate and you can find them on Katadyn's official website or any of their dealers.

Perhaps the most important feature of Katadyn filters is that they are extremely effective against bacteria, cysts, viruses, cryptosporidium and Giarda.

To help fight water contaminants you can use Katadyn Water Micropur Purifier tablets. They are EPA certified.

We believe that Katadyn filters, especially Katadyn pocket filter, are some of the best travelling water filters on the market.

These filters did not become so reliable overnight.

Brief History Of Katadyn Water Filters

Katadyn started manufacturing water filters in 1930. It was actually Professor Alexander Krawse who had an idea to use electrolysis to clean the water of bacteria.

Staring 1930 for 50 years, the company underwent an intensive brand building and product research. They relocated their main office and opened new offices worldwide.

In the 1980's, the company underwent an expansion which led to some financial problems. Fortunately, around 1997, a new leader took over operational duties, restructured the company and brought it back to booming days.

In 2001, the Katadyn Water Filter group took over Extream and PUR Outdoor and expanded its outdoor base.

After 2001, Katadyn continued its development of their water filter line and this has led to them being the one of the main sourcse for outdoor water filter system.

katadyn Water Filter Review

Katadyn has three primary categories of water filters: Endurance series, Backcountry series and the Ultralight Series.

  1. The Katadyn Endurance Series Water Filters
    These filters have been marketed as reliable and durable. They are suitable for 1 to 4 persons and work perfectly under the most extreme water conditions.

    Professionals and campers love the Endurance series products.

    They produce a lot more water than the standard filters. Of the three water systems, this filter system is best for extremely poor water quality.

    Water filters in this series include:

    • katadyn Pocket which carries a 20 year warranty and is the most popular and loved katadyn water filter by consumers. Good choice for hiking, camping or any other extreme outdoor activities. Available online for $220.

    • Another great product is the Katadyn Combi. Priced at $140, it is effective at removing bacteria and protozoa with its ceramic filter; it also offers a "plus" product line. It can be connected to a faucet. This is perfect for campers and water travellers.

    • Consumers love the Katadyn Expedition. As the name suggests, it is perfect for expeditions and river rafting. If you are travelling within a large group, the Katadyn Expedition is for your group. It is priced slightly over $1000 but when you consider the number of persons that can use it at one time, it is well worth it.

    • The most affordable Katadyn Endurance Filter is the Siphon ($ 65). This water filter can produce up to 5,300 gallons. The Katadyn Siphon can be placed in any container that you will like your water to be filtered from. Especially useful for emergency situation indoors and outdoors.

    • Drip Ceradyn features 3 ceramic filters and can filter over 50,000 gallons of water. In addition, it comes with a 10 litre water container to transport a large amount of water wherever you go. At a price of $230, it is cheaper than the Katadyn Pocket.

  2. Katadyn Backcountry Water Filters

    The Backcountry line is perfect for backpacking, trekking and camping. This line of products is lighter than the Endurance series.

    Even though it can be used for 1 to 4 persons, it is ideal for one or two persons.

    Just take it along with you and your friends when you are going camping.

    It works best for clear and cloudy water.

    The backcountry series include:

    • the Katadyn Vario which uses a combination of 3 filter levels: glass fiber, ceramic and active charcoal.

      A huge advantage about this filter is that it is compatible with your everyday outside bottles. So you don't have to worry about buying a different bottle. Priced at $85 online.

      This filter is also capable of filtering 2 litres of water per minute.

    • The Katadyn Hiker is very lightweight and is easy to carry around. Unlike similar filters on the market, the pumping water is made easy.

      It weighs 11 oz and filters out one litre per minute. Reasonable priced at $60.

      It comes with a carry bag, a bottle adaptor and a prefilter.

    • the Katadyn Hiker PRO is priced at approximately $80. This price is well worth it.

      The removable filter prolongs the lifespan of the cartridge even in unsafe conditions.

      It comes with a 0.3 micron glassfiber that doesn't require any cleaning.

  3. The Katadyn Ultralight Water Filters

    Ideal for day trips, weekend trips and light travel. This line of product is suitable for only one person.

    So if you are going on a business trip, a day of sports or on the road, then you should consider the Ultralight series.

    It requires no pumping and is very attractive to the eye.

    After all, this line of products is very lightweight. They weigh less than 9 oz.

    This series is for clear water, whereas the endurance and backcountry series can handle harsher water quality.

    • Katadyn Exstream Purifier Bottle is basically a drinking bottle with a 1.0 micron filter. Will cost you $ 45.

      It is available in white, yellow or olive. It effectively removes protozoa, viruses and bacteria.

      These filter makes the water taste flavoured. They are available anywhere from $ 30 to $50.

    • The Katadyn Mini is so small it can hold in your pocket or in your belt pack. Sold on the market for a little under $100, it comes with a carry bag and a pre filter.

      Never mind the small size. Its ceramic filter effectively removes bacteria and protozoa from your water.

    • Katadyn Mybottle Microfilter is available in three different colours: white, blue and green.

      When it comes to removing harmful chemicals from the water, it is one of the most reliable bottle filters on the market.

      For the price of $34, it includes a drinking straw for your day to day use.

      What makes this unit so special is the fact that it can be upgraded to a purifier. All you have to do is buy the purifier and install it. Installation is very easy.

The Katadyn water filter that you choose will be based on number of persons, price, destination and duration.

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