Kitchen Water Filters
Which One Will You Choose?

Kitchen water filters will ensure that you and your family will have clean filtered water whenever you are in the kitchen.

The kitchen is where majority of water consumption takes place, so it is only right that everyone has a kitchen water filter.

There are several types of kitchen filters on the market, each having the ability to satisfy your needs.

Kitchen filters will supply you with clean water that can be used for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning.

Water filter systems located in your kitchen are very affordable. They will cost as little as $10 to as much $200.

Replacement cartridges are usually carbon based with a few using reverse osmosis filtration systems. The replacement cartridges for these units are usually easy to install and require little or no professional assistance.

When you go shopping for Kitchen water filters, you will find that they are not hard to find.

You will find water filters for your kitchen in all major stores and almost every e-commerce website.

When shopping online for water filters for kitchen sink, always look for 2 for 1 specials or big discount deals on the filter systems and the replacement cartridges.

Types Of Kitchen Water Filters

Kitchen water filtration systems may come in several sizes and shapes. We will now take a look at the most popular water filters found inside of a kitchen.

Kitchen Water Dispenser

Over the years, kitchen water dispensers have grown in popularity.

They are quite easy to setup and operate. This type of kitchen water filter is most suitable for persons who love to drink a lot of water.

The most popular brand of kitchen dispensers are PUR dispenser and Brita dispensers. They are both easy to setup as well as cheap and lightweight.

Kitchen Water Cooler

Even though they are most popular in offices, coolers can be found in many kitchens. The coolers found in kitchens today are more stylish and smaller than coolers from the past.

Kitchen coolers are usually situated right beside the refrigerator. If you are looking to buy a kitchen cooler, you should take a look at Culligan coolers.

They are a bit expensive but most consumers feel that the quality water and the service from Culligan is worth the price and customer service.

For a cheaper kitchen cooler system, you can look at Avanti coolers. They are very popular for their price and quality.

Kitchen Refrigerator Water Filters

Arguable the most popular kitchen filter system, refrigerator filters are small, cheap and very easy to install.

Refrigerator kitchen filters are primarily for drinking purposes. There are several fridge filters available on the market.

Top refrigerator brands include Whirlpool, Samsung and Sears.

Majority of fridge water filters on the market are very affordable and compatible with almost every brand refrigerator.

Kitchen Faucet Water Filter

Faucet water filters have become very traditional over the years, especially in kitchens.

Faucet filters are perfect for persons who drink a lot of water and use filtered water for other purposes such as washing and cooking.

Kitchen faucet filters are easy to install and they are good at eliminating chlorine, bad tastes and bad odour.

When it comes to water filters for kitchen sink, PUR and Brita are leaders in this department.

Kitchen Counter top Water Filter

A kitchen counter top water filter is one level above a faucet filter.

The base of the countertop filter rests on the kitchen counter.

These filters are usually more powerful than faucet filters that they remove more contaminants and at a higher percentage.

Recommended countertop filters include Aquasana, Crystal Quest and Paragon.

Kitchen Under Counter Water Filter

Under counter kitchen water filters are the most powerful kitchen filter systems on the market. This is the kitchen's version of a whole house water filter system.

Everything that you need to do with water can be done from an under sink kitchen filter.

Aquasana, Watts and Culligan offer some of the most effective units on the market.

Here Is How To Choose The Best Kitchen Water Filter

Water Consumption

How much water do you consume?

Water consumption is key when choosing the best kitchen water filter to match your needs.

Refrigerator filters, water dispensers and water coolers are typically for persons who are concerned about the water that they drink.

If you consume filtered water for multipurpose such as drinking, cooking or washing; then you should consider a counter top or an under counter filter.

The worst mistake that you can make is to buy a filter system that cannot meet your needs.

Which Contaminants Do You Want To Remove?

Chlorine, bad taste, bad odour, lead or mercury? Dispensers and faucet filters will remove the basic contaminants such as chlorine and lead.

Under sink kitchen filters will remove more advanced contaminants such as mercury, some bacteria, THMs and VOCs.

Your choice really depends on the impurities that you want to remove.

There are kitchen filters on the market that are targeted to remove specific problems in water.

Cost Of The System And Replacement Filter Cartridges

Never buy a Kitchen filter that you cannot maintain. There are kitchen filter systems on the market that cost $10 but the replacement filters also cost $10 and they require changing every month or every two months.

Kitchen filters are generally very inexpensive to purchase and they do require at least 2 to 6 replacement cartridges every year.

Size And Convenience

How much space do you have in your kitchen?

A counter top filter and a water cooler will require sufficient kitchen counter space while allowing you to move around the kitchen freely.

An under sink water filter will require space under your kitchen sink and a dispenser will require counter space.

A Refrigerator water filter is all about compatibility. Ensure that the refrigerator water filter that you choose is compatible with your refrigerator.

Overall, ensure that the kitchen filter that you choose will meet all your needs. There are various filters to choose from so take your time and make the right choice.

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