Make Your Own Water Filter
The Simple Way

Sometimes it is best to know how to make your own water filter.

You may be hiking or far from pure filtered water and you get thirsty. The best thing that you can do is to learn how to make a water filter.

Always remember that drinking pure water ALL the time is a must.

There are different types of self made water filters that you can make at your home or outdoors.

While some of these self-made filters are not as effective as the ones in the stores, there are some that are actually as good as your typical carbon filters.

Self-made filters are really for muddy or visible dirty water. These filters can turn muddy water into drinkable water.

The parts to make the filters are free or very cheap. For the most part you will need a knife, cotton, sand, gravel, a container and activated charcoal.

Advantages Of Making A Water Filter

So you want to make your own water filter but you are not sure of the benefits. Let us take a look at some of their advantages.

  • It saves you money from buying a filter system or replacing cartridges. When you make your own water filter, it will save you money because it is basically free .
  • Itremoves contaminants and sediments from the water. Your number one goal of making a water filter is to remove dangerous and harmful chemicals from your water.
  • It is fun and easy to setup. No technical skills required. Your family will love the experiment. Moreover, you can teach your kids how to make their own water filter system.
  • Disadvantages Of Making A Water Filter

    Now its time to look at a few drawbacks when you make your own water filter.


  • It is not as effective as most residential or household water filters. Bacteria, chlorine and sediments may not be properly filtered.
  • The quality of water diminishes very quickly. It may only be useful for a few cups of water.
  • If not done properly, the water that you drink may be worse than what you initially started with.
  • Let us take a look at how to make the two most popular types of water filters:

    How To Make Your Own Water Filter

    Items required:

    • Bottle
    • Milk
    • Sand
    • Gravel
    • Cotton

    Below are the steps on how to make your own water filter the simple way.

    1. Use a knife or scissors to cut the bottle or container in half.
    2. Turn the mouth part of the bottle inside the other half of the container. This position will allow the water to be filtered into the bottom half of the container.
    3. Place the cotton inside the mouth party of the bottle. Place about 5-7 pieces. Ensure that there is no space at the mouth.
    4. Pour the sand on top of the cotton.
    5. Add gravel on top of the sand.

      The gravel acts as a filter for large particles and the sand for smaller particles.

      The cotton prevents the sand or gravel from being filtered into the bottom of the container.

    6. Pour the water into the top part of the container.

    Now watch the difference in the water quality.

    While it may not remove most contaminants, it is safer than drinking tap water.

    To make your water filter stronger, you can add a layer of charcoal between the gravel and sand layer. Locate some charcoal and crush it into extreme fine parts. The charcoal will act as a water filter system.

    How to Make an Advanced Water Filter

    Let's take a look at how to make a more advanced water filter than a sand water filter.

    So now it’s time to go looking for the following items:

    • A container or a bottle. Basically a container with a mouth for the water to run through. If not with a mouth, it can still work.
    • Fine sand and coarse sand. Make sure to get then separately. Don't mix them together.
    • Fine gravel and coarse gravel. Ensure that you don't mix them together. You will need to get them separately.
    • An object to slice or cut the container horizontally in two.
    • Small balls of cotton. This will prevent the sand and gravel from being filtered into your water.

      If cotton is not available, use fairly large pieces of gravel.

    • Activated charcoal. TRY your best to get activated charcoal. It will make the filter much stronger and better.

    So why use charcoal?

    Over 90 percent of household water filters use carbon as there filter medium. In fact, carbon is composed mainly of charcoal, which collects or absorbs unwanted substances such as chlorine, rust and synthetic chemicals.

    Ok. Let's go....

    1. Cut the container in half with a sharp object such as a scissors or knife.
    2. Place the top mouth part of the container inside of the bottom part of the container.
    3. Stuff the cotton inside of the inverted mouth part. Ensure that you place the cotton properly inside so that the sand or gravel cannot pass through.
    4. Now place fine sand on top of the cotton.
    5. Next, place the activated charcoal on top of the fine sand.
    6. Then place the coarse sand on the charcoal, followed by the fine gravel then the coarse gravel.
    7. Pour the water through the top half of the container and catch the rest of the water in the bottom half of the container.

    Even though this is better than the simple sand water filter, it still leaves a few contaminated substances in the water.

    To remove these, you will need a more advanced water purifier.

    Tips On Making Your Own Water Filter

    We want to hear from you. Give us some tips of how you made your water filter or how you think it should be done.

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