Marlo Water Softeners
Not new to the market

Marlo water softeners are not new to the market. Marlo Incorporated, who manufactures Marlo softeners and Marlo water filters, started in 1973.

Over the years, Marlo has been known to offer excellent customer service to its customers. Their customer service agents and dealers are always ready to assist with any problems, question or Marlo water softener troubleshooting exercise.

Marlo softeners may require maintenance from time to time. The maintenance required is not difficult to do. Minimal professional assist will be needed if any.

If you need any new parts for your water softener, your Marlo softener dealer will help you to locate the parts that you need.

The interesting thing about this brand is that Marlo specializes in water softeners for commercial and industrial purposes. In fact, Marlo started a division that focuses on water conditioning systems. As a result, the water softener will be of better quality and more durable.

With a Marlo softener you can be assured that your hard water will transform to soft water. Marlo softeners remove the calcium and magnesium from your water along with iron hardness. This result in less scale building up in your pipes and appliances.

Moreover, you will experience a reduction in energy costs and you will use fewer chemicals to do the same amount of work. You will also notice softer skin and healthier hair.

Brief Review of Marlo Water Softeners

Marlo “MGT” Series

The individual tank capacity ranges from 15,000 to 1,200,000 grains. This is suitable for small industrial and commercial settings that require continuous soft water such as offices and condominiums. This MGT softener has a continuous flow rate of 1- 215 gpm. Your pipes and appliances will operate much better and your energy costs will be lower.

Marlo “MR”Series

With the Marlo 'MR' Series, you will receive continuous flow of 20- 190 gpm. It is designed for larger commercial and industrial applications. The Individual tank capacity ranges from 150,000 grain to 1,050,000 grain. Moreover, a variety of tanks are available such as multi-tank parallel, single tank, and twin alternating tank. These softeners come with a selection of timers and water meter controllers.

Marlo “Mat “Series

The tank capacity for this water softener ranges from 15,000 to 45,000 grains. The Marlo “Mat” series is a lot simpler than the MR series. All MAT water softeners have twin-alternating configurations with one tank in regeneration or reserve at all times. You will be impressed with the continuous flow rates of 1-45 GPM.

Marlo “MRG” Series

This particular MRG series prevents corrosion of appliances and equipment. The “MRG” series is well advanced and achieves higher flow rates than traditional water softeners because of the FRP resin tanks and external control valve manifold. The grain capacity size ranges from 15,000 to 1,500,000. You can use a MRG softener at hospitals or Laundromat.

Marlo “MHC” series

The most advanced water softener of the Marlo water softeners has got to be the MHC model. This model is primarily designed for large industrial applications such as food processing and manufacturing plants. Almost every type of tank is available such as single, twin and triple.

The grain capacity varies from 1,200,000 to 1,500,000. This water softener must only be used on larger industrial settings. The MHC provides a very good continuous flow rate of 100-1, 150 gpm. Don’t worry about monitoring the soft water because the MHC comes with a water meter controller and a wide variety of timers.

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