Microline Reverse Osmosis
Consistently Rated Among The Best

Microline reverse osmosis water systems are distributed by Clack Corporation. Clack Corporation is known worldwide for quality products that perform and last long.

Microline specializes in reverse osmosis water filters. Perhaps that is the reason why their products are consistently rated high.

Microline reverse osmosis water filters uses either a three (3) stage or a four (4) stage filtration process.

All replacement water filters for Microline water filter systems are readily available online. Prices start as low as $7 for pre-filters and $50 for T.F.C. reverse osmosis membranes.

Microline has one of the best customer service team. They will assist you with purchasing the perfect Microline water reverse osmosis filter that is most suitable for your needs.

In fact, if you have any problems with installation, troubleshooting , a customer service agent will walk you through the steps.

Microline Water Filter Reverse Osmosis Filtration Process

The first line of defence for a Microline reverse osmosis system can be a sediment filter, a carbon filter, or both.

As the water enters your reverse osmosis system, it goes through the sediment or carbon filter.

The sediment filter will remove the larger or visible contaminants from the water such as rust, sand and rocks. The carbon filter really focuses on bad taste and odour among other things.

After the water passes through the carbon filter, the water enters the membrane of the reverse osmosis water filter system. The membrane is where all the micro organisms and tiny contaminants are removed.

At the last stage, the post filter ensures that the water is over 99% contaminant free by removing any contaminant that may be in the storage tank or on the way up to the faucet.

The pre- filter prevents the membrane from clogging and deteriorating quickly.

How To Choose The Best Microline Reverse Osmosis System

If your water test results show that your water contains a high percentage of sediments, you can choose the Microline stage 3 reverse osmosis water system with the sediment filter, membrane and post filter.

If your water test result indicates that your water contains a high percentage of chlorine, you should consider the Microline stage 3 combination which include an activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane and a post filter.

If you have both problems (sediments and chlorine), you should consider the T.C.F. 4 which has a sediment filter, a carbon filter, a membrane and a post filter.

Microline Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews

Microline T.F.C. 3 Reverse Osmosis Filters

The Microline T.F.C. 3 is an under sink water filtration system. This system usually cost $600 but you can now find it on sale for roughly $230

This Microline reverse osmosis water filter system will have your water going through a 3 stage filtration process which includes a sediment or carbon pre filter, a membrane and a post filter.

The T.F.C. Membrane ensures that over 99% of contaminants are removed from the water.

The Microline T.F.C. 3 water system has a 1.8 gallon water capacity.

Your water will flow through the air gap chrome faucet and supply you with up to 50 gallons per day of pure filtered water.

You will find Microline sediment pre filters for as low as $10 and membranes cost $50 upwards. Microline T.F.C.4 Reverse Osmosis Filters

The Microline T.F.C. 4 reverse osmosis system is one step above the T.F.C 3 under sink water filter.

This microline series offers 4 stages of filtration. The sediment pre-filter removes all rusts, rocks and sand.

The carbon activated filter focuses on chlorine, bad taste and bad odour.

The membrane is the heart of the reverse osmosis filtration procedure. Then there is the post filter which gets rid of any contaminant that may have gone through.

The Microline 4 usually cost $700 but you will currently find it on sale for roughly $350.

This NSF certified reverse osmosis purifier will supply you with up to 35 gallons of purified water a day. The water quality is monitored and notify you when is the best time to change your reverse osmosis membrane.

Installation is made easy with colour coded tubes and a step by step manual.

A key feature of this Microline Reverse osmosis system is that it has an automatic shut off feature that stops the process of manufacturing filtered water when the storage tank is full.

So now that you have read about Microline's two most popular reverse osmosis filters, you will be better able to make a final decision.

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