Morton Water Softener
"Look Ahead Technology"

A Morton water softener is different from your typical water softener because the system utilizes a special "look ahead technology".

Morton water softeners will make a positive difference in your life. These softeners have the ability to effectively change your hard water into softer water.

Morton softeners replace your hard water with soft water, making chores like washing the clothes and dishes much easier and cheaper.

In addition, you will have a reduction in energy costs, scale and soap residue.

Every Morton softener is special, but what makes each one special is the technology that they use.

Before we look at their technology, we will first take a brief look at the history of Morton softeners then we will go into what we think makes a Morton softener special. You will also find reviews from us and reviews from our visitors.

Brief History Of Morton Water Softeners

The Morton Softener company began in 1889 by Joy Morton. Morton is known for producing top quality salt. Chances are you know someone who uses Morton salt.

They did not begin with an actual softening system. It was in 1951 that the company ventured into the water softening industry.

Their introduction began with the popular Morton Salt Pellets. These salts were designed to replenish the softening salt in water softeners.

After the success of their salt, the company saw the opportunity to manufacture their own water softener systems. So in 2002, they manufactured their first unit and it was called the "Morton System Saver".

What Makes Morton Water Softeners So Special?

Every manufacture claims to be different but only a few are. We will now look at Morton's famous "look ahead" technology.

Morton's "look ahead" technology allows your water softener to regenerate only when necessary.

That is because the water softener studies your water usage and applies the information to your daily usage, saving you salt, water and money.

What's also impressive is that it adjusts automatically if your water usage changes.

For example, if you use twice as much water on the weekend than during weekdays, the Morton softeners study the cycle and regenerates accordingly.

Another reason why Morton softeners are so well loved is their fiberglass resin tank. The resin tank is where the ion exchange of softening and regeneration process takes place.

The fiberglass material ensures durability of the resin tank and this helps to maintain the efficiency of the water softeners at all times.

Morton is special because each one of their units is designed for a particular family size and water level hardness.

Morton currently offers five models of water softeners, so you are guaranteed to find a softener system that will match your needs.

Worried about Morton's claims of efficiency? Then you can check with NSF/ANSI. All Morton softeners abide by ANSI/NSF 44 guidelines.

A Quick Review Of Morton Water Softener Salts

Morton produces its own salt. They have several types of salt and each salt has its own purpose.

You should only choose a salt based on your hardness level and the efficiency of the salt. Each type of Morton salt has a description to guide you in making the choice that is most suitable for you.

Morton water softener salts include:

Morton Pellets with System Saver II Formula and System Saver Blocks- removes twice as much impurities and dirt than most water softener systems.

This salt is good for water with a high iron level.

Morton White Crystal Rock Salt - is available in coarse and extra coarse form.

Morton White Crystal Solar Salt- also available in coarse and extra coarse form, this salt is made from solar evaporation.

If you are still unsure about which salt to choose, consult your dealer or Morton's customer service.

Morton also offers other salts to fight against rust such as Morton Rust Rout Brine Blocks, Morton White Crystal Brine Blocks, and Morton Rust Remover Super Pellens.

Always be on the lookout for Morton water softener salt coupons. You can find them online. The coupons will go a long way in helping you save money.

Morton Water Softener Reviews

Morton Softener MSD45E has the largest capacity of all the units offered by Morton.

The MSD45E is ideal for all family sizes with extremely high water hardness. This softener unit will turn your hardest water into the softest water imaginable.

With a 210 pounds salt storage capacity, this softener water system has a rated capacity of 45,000 grains at 17.2 pounds of salt.

The MSD45E water softener also acts as a filter with a sediment filtration of 20 micron. Even though the micron level is high, this softener does remove quite a few sediments, resulting in purer water for consumption.

Weighing roughly 110 pounds, you will experience a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute of softer water, which is perfect for showering and washing your clothes.

The MSD27B Morton water softener has a 27,000 grain capacity.

Even though the MSD27B model has the second smallest grain capacity, it is effective in other areas.

For one, it has a salt storage capacity of 175 pounds. Then there is the fact that it has an efficiency of 5,060 grains per pound.

Another important point is that the MSD27B is suitable for large families with high water hardness ratings.

The smallest of the five (5) models of Morton water softeners is the MSS20B.

Holding a grain capacity of 20,000, this model is suitable for the "hands on" individual.

Unlike the other models that have a "demand" control, the MSS20B has a timer control.

If your water level hardness is average and your family is small, you may want to consider this unit. However, you will have to do without one of Morton’s key features: Look Ahead Technology.

That means you will have to study and set your own regeneration times.

Very lightweight (only 90 pounds), you will have a constant flow rate of 6.5 gpm.

The most popular model Morton softener is the MSD30D

Large families with a high water hardness level will gravitate towards this unit.

Built with the demand technology known by Morton softener systems, you will have less scale build up and be able to wash your clothes with less detergent.

Weighing 150 pounds, you will love the fact that your softener will have a grain capacity of 30,000.

The MSD30D removes a maximum hardness of 30,000 grains per 13 pounds of salt, your pipes will be flowing with a service flow rate of 8 gallons per minute.

The Fifth model is theMSD34C , which is the second largest of all the models.

With a large capacity of 34,000 grains, this is also another great option for large families with a very hard water levels.

As efficient as the MSD45E, the MSD34C has a 5,120 grains per pound efficiency with a minimum of 2.6 doses.

For its size (175 pounds), it has a reasonable flow rate of 8 gpm. Furthermore, this unit removes at most 34,200 grains per 14.6 pounds of salt.

Overall, Morton offers a wide variety of softeners. They state that all their water softeners have their "look ahead" technology but we see where that is not the case.

The majority of their units are equipped with the technology that we believe is unique and effective because it saves salt, water and electricity.

Before you choose a Morton softener, we encourage you to read a few reviews below as well as read through our pages of "water softener reviews " and "comparing water softeners".

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