MSR Water Filters

When travelling outdoors or going backpacking, MSR water filters should definitely be in your top five (5) water filter systems to choose from.

The aim of a MSR water filter is to provide clean and filtered water wherever you go regardless of the water source.

Mountain Safety Research (MSR) is a company that focuses on manufacturing products for outdoors, most notably their water filters.

MSR filters are extremely popular among campers, mountaineers and backpackers particularly for their quality, durability, price, weight and good customer service.

Lets now take a look on the key features of MSR filters and then we will review the best MSR filters.

Key Features of MSR Water Filters


Worried about breaking the unit? MSR units carry a lifetime warranty. MSR Company will not hesitate to replace the unit. So if you are looking for a water filter for generations, remember that MSR has the warranty for you.

Removal Of Most Contaminants With The Exception Of Viruses

MSR filters are known for the removal of almost all contaminants except viruses and a few others. MSR filters remove hundreds of contaminants and this is important when you travel a lot and is unsure of the water source and quality.

The activated carbon eliminates over 99% of waterborne bacteria and significantly reduces giardia, cryptosporidium and parasites along with chlorine, bad taste and bad odour.


The heaviest MSR water filter weighs 17 ounces. All MSR filters can fit in the standard size backpacks.

The lightweight ensures that you can travel freely without worrying about carrying around heavy loads.


MSR water filters will require constant cleaning of the cartridge. Cleaning takes less than 8 minutes and requires disassembling the unit and using a soft brush and water to clean the filter.

Be careful when cleaning the unit because the inner parts are delicate.


Just follow the instructions in the manual and you should be ok. For further assistance you can contact one of their customer service agents.

MSR Water Filter Reviews

MSR MiniWorks

The MSR MiniWorks is more than worth the $80 price tag that it carries.

Not only is this MSR water filter lightweight but it is also very easy to operate. All it requires is a few pumps and you have crystal clear water regardless of the source of the water.

The excellent pump ratio allows for a constant flow of filtered water for a small group of persons.

The MSR MiniWorks will easily fit in your backpack without taking up any space or slowing you down.

When it comes time for cleaning the filter, you will only require about 5 minutes doing this.

When cleaning, do remember that the ceramic filter element is very fragile.

Please be careful not to break it.

The MSR Miniworks really works.

It basically filters everything but viruses.

The carbon core of the filter removes all the bad taste and bad odour from the water, regardless of the water source.

For those persons who question its durability, you will want to take into consideration that MSR MiniWorks carries a lifetime warranty.

MSR Sweetwater Water Filter

The MSR Sweetwater water filter only weighs 11 ounces and feels much lighter than the MiniWorks filter.

The activated carbon helps to eliminate the bad odour and taste of water that you may encounter when travelling. In addition, this filter system removes bacteria, protozoa, chemicals and many more.

Operation of this water filter system is similar to the MiniWorks filter. The design of the Sweetwater makes pumping the water easier. The Sweetwater filtration system can produce 1.25 litres of water per minute.

When cleaning the ceramic filter be careful not to break it because it is very delicate and cleaning the filter system incorrectly can lead to inefficiency of the system.

In fact, if you experience a drop in the flow rate, it may be that your filter needs cleaning.

Just like the MiniWorks, MSR Sweetwater filter also carries a lifetime warranty.

The price tag on this unit is only $75. The cartridge has a lifespan of 500 liters. That capacity is sufficient for quite a few trips.

The Sweetwater is a good choice for camping, trailing, hiking or backpacking.

MSR Hyperflow Microfilter

The lightest of the three(3), the MSR Hyperflow microfilter weighs only 7.4 ounces.

The 0.2 micron level allows this filter to capture most contaminants that travel in water. You are guaranteed to experience better tasting and healthier water after using the MSR Hyperflow water filtration system.

Even though the price tag is a little under $100, most consumers feel that the filtration system is worth the price.

The Hyperflow has a flow rate of 3 liters every minute or 1 liter every 20 stroke. In fact, the Hyperflow lasts about 1,000 liters.

Cleaning this MSR water filter does not require any tools. Just remember to be careful because the parts are very delicate.

The pre filter that is attached is designed to remove sediments as well as prolong the lifespan of the ceramic filter.

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