Under Counter Multipure Water Filter (MP750SB) Review
By Sasha Morgan

My under counter Multipure water filter (MP750SB) is a worthy system that will clean your water

To tell you the truth, I chose Multipure water filter based on the recommendation of two of my friends.  I had to buy an under counter system because my counter space is limited; furthermore, the quality of my water at home is not the best, taste horrible with sodium and appear cloudy.

I must admit that the upfront cost of the system was somewhat expensive, but I took the plunge and made the purchase because my friends convinced me that the system was worth the cost.

I have had my system for a few months now and I would like to share my advantages and disadvantages of my MP750SB water filter.

Here is a review of my Multipure water filter MP750SB for under sink.

Pros of The Under Sink Multipure Water Filter

·  All the parts for the system such as the chrome faucet, mounting rackets and screws were all included in my package. I only required my tools for installation. My chrome faucet, mounting rackets and screws.

·  Installation is not as challenging and time-consuming as one may think. On average, set up should take approximately thirty-five minutes. The system also includes a straight-forward installation manual and customer service support.

·  Reduces many contaminants in the water. The water definitely tastes better than my tap water. I don’t taste the chlorine, and the cloudiness in the water is no longer visible. I also read where the system is certified by NSF/ANSI for standard 42 and 53.

·  Designed as an under sink water filtration system but can be converted to a counter-top water filter with additional parts. I definitely needed the space so the under sink system fit perfectly under my counter. I mounted the filter cartridge unto the wall, so I never had to remove my bottles and containers.

·  The standard filter capacity is 750 gallons, which can last anywhere from six months to one year for the average family.

Cons of The MP750SB Multipure System

· Even though the cost seemed reasonable at the time, I later found out that the cost of $429.95 for the system is a lot more expensive when compared to a few other good systems, for example, Aquasana Three (3) Stage Under Counter, which retails less than $300 for a three-stage filtration system.

·  Only one cartridge when compared to other systems that have two or three cartridges that allows up to five stages of purification. Interestingly, I had no idea that there are filtration systems with many multiple level of filtration.

·  Besides the bad taste of my water, I wanted to reduce the sodium in my water, but the MP750SB doesn’t do that. I later discovered this when I called the customer service and was notified.

·  Surprisingly, there is a shipping charge. With the MP750SB already costing me over $400, shipping should have been free.

I still think this is a respectable under counter filtration system. The MP750SB will get the job done once your problem is not sodium.

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